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Skin Tips 5 years ago

My Morning Routine

Barefaced and sleepy eyed, I’m starting the day right by getting my mornings right!

Photography by Karen Rosalie

Mornings are typically very hectic for me. It’s no secret that I’m a workaholic, and a typical morning for me would include waking up, taking breakfast in the car, & meeting with clients or shooting all day. When I was a stylist, photoshoots usually require the stylist to be there extremely early to prep for the shoot. And especially since the sun goes down quickly during the winter, half the time my team and I are just chasing sunlight to get all our shots in. I was always on the go, from the moment I wake up. Needless to say, my morning routine of waking up and rushing out the door all changed once I became pregnant. I would sleep until 1pm, then lay for another hour before I .. Just kidding…I wish!!! Life doesn’t slow down that much when you’re pregnant. (Though I feel like I’ve been pregnant for ages now.) The only difference now is that I’m taking more time in the morning to slow down and take care of my body for the sake of my baby girl.

It’s been a little strange adjusting to this new routine, but I’m really liking it so far to be honest. A few days out of the week now, I try to eat breakfast at home and enjoy a quiet morning before getting my day started. I made the switch from coffee to mint tea, and it’s been doing wonders on my skin. Caffeine used to dry out my skin (which was especially problematic during the winter), so now my skin a lot more healthy and soft. I’ve also been using Skin Inc serum for my face to add in the vitamins that it’s lacking. I know they say you naturally get a baby glow, but I’m also doing my part to be conscientious of doing the most I can for my skin. I’ve only recently started using it, but my skin already feels a lot more supple and revitalized. When I heard about Skin Inc’s customization program, I knew I had to try it out. I never realized how much my hormones would change during my pregnancy which also affected my skin. Although I lucked out with a positive change to my skin during my pregnancy, I’m aware that there are women out there that often experience hyper pigmentation (dark spots), redness, and breakouts.  That is why I love the fact that Skin Inc does not believe in stereotyping skin into oily, dry or combination, instead they take the time to understand your skin deeply, then to create a customized solution for your skin’s needs. For example I’ve been using my Daily Dose Custom Blend Serum which includes a mixture of the French Pine Bark , Chlorella , and the Vitamin A Serum. It definitely helps that I no longer have to use a million products to feed my skin the moisture and nutrition that it needs since it’s all compacted into one customized serum. Also now that I’m a lot more aware and cautious of what I’m feeding my skin and body I also love the fact that it is free of scents and paraben. On top of my serums I’ve also been using the Pure Revival Peel which is a non abrasive peel that gently removes dullness and all the dead skin cells. I know alot of you girls have been talking about “my glow”, but also keep in mind that I’ve been actively taking care of my skin as well!  I highly recommend you taking the Skin Inc skin test here to find out what you can start doing for your own skin.

I love mornings on the weekend the most because I usually wake up to this from Allen. Our morning jogs are now replaced with delicious brunch made by the hubs! & now that we have my growing belly, our mornings just got sweeter ! I really recommend to you guys to take the time to take it slow in the morning and


Serums: Daily Dose Custom Blend Serum  , Vitamin A Serum, Chlorella Serum, French Pine Bark

Peel: Pure Revival Peel 

Products available HERE or at Sephora  stores

 Take the  Skin Inc skin test here to customize your own serum.

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