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Home / Decor 5 years ago

Liven Up Your Work Space

As a creative, I get most inspired by my surroundings. That’s why I make it a point to fill my office with beautiful and inspiring things so I can always stay creative no matter where I am. Here are some photos taken at my office to share some tips I have to liven up your office!

Tip 1. It’s a no brainer that no matter what profession you’re in, it’s always important to be constantly  learning. In addition to fashion magazines where I look to for inspirations and the newest trends, I also like to read books outside of fashion to inspire me. It’s also important to stay reminded of these inspirations, so we tear out anything that inspires us for reference!

Tip 2. Putting up energetic and colorful paintings can also help liven up your work space. Painting and artworks are perfect for adding a pop of color and personality to your office.

Tip 3. I love having a vase of fresh flowers in my office. Not only are they the perfect decor to enhance your work space, but the fresh smell can help re-energize your mind.

Tip 4. Candles make a great addition to your office space. They smell great and when they’re unlit, they make great decor!

Tip 5. Personalize your office! Having personal objects at work not only serves as great conversational pieces but they can really help make your work space your own.

Photography by Karen Chen

Tip 6. It goes without saying that these motivational pieces not only livens up your workspace with personality but also helps inspire. Cupcakes, coffee, and believing in your dreams pretty much sums up my office!

I hope you guys found these tips helpful and as usual please let me know your thoughts for how to liven up your workspace!

I’m so overwhelmed from all the thoughtful comments from yesterdays blog post on my pregnancy and my miscarriage. What really inspired me was the amount of courage you ladies had to also share YOUR stories with me…lets continue to inspire one another and support each other during the good times and the bad. Make sure to check out the post HERE, and leave me a comment as I would love to hear your story.

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