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Photography by- Jana Williams

{Leyendecker cardigan, Beso Beso jewelry, Black Bird BettyDress)

I’ve always been drawn to more subtle neutrals & pastels for my wardrobe as well as my home. As i’ve been busy planning my wedding with my wedding planner, Jeannie, I’ve come to an interesting realization. The hues & shades that inspire you should play a major role in your wardrobe , and (vice versa) the shades in your closet should be a reflection of your surroundings (in my wedding).

{via Pintrest}

Some random inspirations im  currently working with for my wedding. Not sure why i favor neutrals over any color….possibly because its like a blank can always build up  and mold it into any hue you desire.

Hope you have  beautiful weekend filled with lots of inspiration & little moments! HAPPY FRIDAY




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Photography by- Jana Williams

{Leyendecker Dress & jacket, Lanvin shoes, BesoBeso jewelry}

Today we traveled  5 hours up the mountain to arrive at the beautiful Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am to be spending the next couple of days here at the LaLu Resort & Hotel…one of the most beautiful & exquisite hotels in the world! Our view over here is to die for …Will be updating you with pictures of my stay here in the next blog post!!

Also will be uploading the New Years Eve countdown tutorial tomorrow too!!! Lots of goodies in store for you! For now here’s the rest of the outfit from yesterday’s post! Not sure if you’ve noticed but i’ve been obsessing with the burnt color-burnt rose, burnt orange, burnt red, hence- the burnt bench in the background! hahah

Hope it’s beautiful where you are!



Thinking Of You ….

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Photography By- Jana Williams

{Jacket- Leyendecker, All Jewelry from BesoBeso}

I hope you all had a magical holiday with your loved ones! I am writing to you from a land far far away here in asia. Today we traveled down to the tropical south of Taiwan…who knew that the weather would be in the 80s here and I would be sippin on a pina colada traipsing around our beachfront hotel? This past week has been filled with adventures…we started from FREEZING (-15 degrees) Korea, then to semi cold Taipei weather (50 degrees), and now in the tropics (80 degrees).

As the year is coming to an end I cannot stop thinking about all the lovely moments we’ve spent together here on my blog, youtube, twitter, & facebook. It’s been wonderful being able to share my daily inspirations and glimpses of life with yall! While there will be many more wonderful things to come in the new year, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am Thinking Of You from a land far away!



Random Snippets

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The Glitter Guide came over  the other week to capture some  Random Snippets of my life-

1. My passed down Hermes -love pieces that have had a history // 2. Im an avid sunglass collector. I’ve had lots of luck when it comes to finding designer vintage goods. My favorite find so far are these vintage Diors’ circa 1960s. // 3. Mixing & matching pieces from Givenchy, Free People, Michael Kors, Beso Beso, and another vintage find (on my right). // 4. Stacks of books to keep me inspired & a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas to freshen up the house. // 5. I love jewelry but I also love things that organizes my pieces! //6. The new Gucci Black Strappys..Welcome home babes. // 7. My favorite part of the morning- adorning myself.

What are some of your most coveted obsessions?

<<Images via GlitterGuide/ Photos taken by  Jessie Webster>>



FAB Five

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12,000 entries later we FINALLY have the  5 winners for the “ I Feel Naked Without….Giveaway“.

Before I announce the winners…I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all those who entered. This contest was simply a little appreciation gift to show you all my gratitude for continuously supporting my channel &  The Chriselle Factor! Although its quite exciting to see my blog & channel grow at a tremendous rate…. I realize I would not be here if it wasnt for my lovely readers & amazing viewers! Your love & support is truly what keeps me going and strives me to become better!

Yes we went thru ALL 12,000 entries and picked out the following 5 winners (youtube names)-

Sooooooooooo who are the FAB Five???

The Following 4 winners will be sent a set of Armcandy from Beso Beso - Karkaraff, TheKatarcher, Meghancsylvester, SuperMaterialGirls

and the following winner will be sent a set of armcandy + The Barbie Ring from Beso Beso- Weendyzhao

CONGRATS to all of our lovely winners! We will be contacting you via youtube!

With your continuous support I will be doing more appreciation gifts & giveaways! Thank you!

And please check out BesoBeso’s amazing little collection here!




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It’s been one of those perfectly beautiful August weekends! Spent most of the weekend frolicking in long maxis (as seen here in this tutorial)to the flower mart, cafe dates, and dinner reservations. We filmed 2 new tutorials yesterday in our litle bungalow at the Chateau Marmont. Work hardly seems like work when you are sun drenched and surrounded by beautiful things.

And now to start off my Monday morning with a strong latte… catch me traipsing about town from meetings to meetings! HAPPY MONDAY darlins’!

Photography by- Christine Chang

(Top- BCBG, Maxi skirt- Katwalk Boutique, Belt- Roberto Cavalli, Jewelry- c/o Beso Beso, Purse- Zara, Shoes- Zara, Hat- H&M)



Taking It Back To The Basics

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In order to create a great wardrobe you need to start off with The Basics. I have decided to dedicate a whole series on BASICS because they play a huge role in a woman’s closet. In this video I teach you how to style one of my favorite basics….THE LITTLE WHITE DRESS! Hope you enjoy it!

White Dress- Bebe

Trousers- Maxazria

Belt- Zara

Scarf- No.A

Sunglasses- House Of Harlow

White Dress- Bebe

Black Blazer- Rachel Roy

Army Vest- Rachel Roy

Shoes- Penelope & Coco

White Dress- Bebe

Blouse (underneath)- American Apparel

Skirt- Forever 21

Trenchcoat- Michael Kors

White Dress- Bebe

Button up- Zara

Belt- Oscar De La Renta

Sunglasses- Karen Walker

White Dress- Bebe

Sweater- Free People

Sunglass- Karen Walker

Dress- Again

White Dress (underneath)- Bebe

Sunglass- House Of Harlow 

White Dress- Bebe

Hat- H&M

Necklace- Free People

Belt- H&M

Skirt- Katwalk Boutique

Bracelet- BesoBeso

All White

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Lately i’ve been finding myself wearing the same accessories and changing up the outfits. These days you will never see me without my black leather brim hat, House of Harlow sunglasses, Beso beso jewelry, Michael kors watch and of course my engagement ring. Speaking of my engagement ring i’ve been finding comfort in wearing All White lately. possibly my subcautious is telling me I need to start planning this wedding of mine! *sighhhhh if only I had more hours in the day. I definitely can use some advice on wedding planning right about now….or someone just really needs to kick me from behind to get me going!

(Dress- Zara, Blouse- Equipment, Hat- Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses- House of Harlow, Jewelry- Beso Beso, Watch- Michael Kors)

Photography by- Christine Chang



A Perfectly Pink Peepshow

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First off I apologize for the lack of’s been…well….crazy would be an understatement.

And the past couple of days has been a tumble of madness with endless amounts of work. Although I love my work I feel like a well-deserved break is appropriate right about now. From styling the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox and his wife for GENLUX magazine to a campaign shoot for a client to filming 2 new tutorials with Michelle Phan. I can now officially say its been quite a July! and now the anticipation starts for all the adventures of August.

These perfectly pink salmon pants were my purchase of the week! I found them for $30 at a random boutique on Melrose while shopping for a client! Such a steal!!!

(Oversized cardigan- Leyendecker (c/o- Dietch PR), top- Free people, Necklace- Free People, Pants- no name brand found on a random boutique on Melrose, Belt- Zara, Rings & Bracelet- c/o Beso Beso)

Heres a little peepshow on what Michelle Phan & I worked on this past weekend. We will be releasing this tutorial later on this week…It was probably the most creative & fun tutorial i have worked on by far!

Can you guys take a guess what it will be about?



Summer Bikini Beach Wrap

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In celebration of this hot hot weather..I decided to dedicate a tutorial on how to look chic at the beach! In this tutorial I teach you how to create 5 different looks all with a square scarf!

Instructions & breakdowns to follow for each look after video.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & fold it in half into a triangle

2. Grab the tip of the triangle & one of the bottom end of the triangle.

3. Double knot the ends together

4. Grab the bottom end of the other triangle that has not been tied yet and double knot it to any of the other ends.

5.Slip each arm into each hole from the back.

6. Spread out the fabric evenly on each side so it can beautifully drape off your arms.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & fold it in half into a triangle

2. Grab the tip of the triangle & one of the bottom end of the triangle.

3. Double knot the ends together

4. You have now created one large hole, spread out the fabric on both sides of the hole wide enough for you to step in.

5. Step into the hole and pull up the fabric up your body and slip your arm into the hole.

6. Safety pin or tie the  fabric on each side securely.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & fold it in half into a triangle

2. Grab the tip of the triangle & one of the bottom end of the triangle.

3. Wrap it around your waist

4. Knot the fabric once around your waist (only once!)

5. Grab the loose end and bring it from the front all the way around to the back.

6. Double knot the two loose ends together

7. Tuck all the loose ends away and make sure the fabric is even around the waist area.

1. Lay your Square Scarf  & double knot the 2 parallel sides .

2. Repeat the same step on the other side

3. Grab the two ends and slip each arm into each hole.

(image not available)

1. Take any end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck and double knot it.

2. Grab the two ends of the fabric and wrap it around your body.

3. Either pin or tie the two ends together and tuck in any of the loose ends.


In this tutorial I am wearing a bathing suit from H&M, a scarf from Zara, House of Harlow sunglasses, & all jewelry from Beso Beso.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! I Would love to hear your thoughts & comments! Also would love to know which look was your favorite! Leave me a comment here and post up a pix on my Facebook page here with your version of the bikini wrap!

Life’s a Beach….so just WRAP it up (with a square scarf) :D





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