My 3 Favorite Fall Fragrances

I know the song says, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” but I truly believe that a really good fragrance is the perfect finishing touch to any look. You can go sexy and dark, you can go light and airy, flowery and feminine- the possibilities are endless and the world of scents sure smell good. Keep scrolling to discover the 3 different types of fall fragrances I’ll be wearing all season long.

Anine Bing Savage Rose Perfume Oil 

The Oil

So perfume can come in many different shapes and sizes, and one of my all-time favorites is a perfume oil! This one by Anine Bing smells like you were suddenly transported to the most gorgeous and best smelling rose garden in the world. Having a roll-on oil is great for pin pointing those pressure points (behind your ears, inside wrist, the base of your neck & inside elbow) to keep you smelling great all day long.


Gypsy Water Byredo Kabuki

The Kabuki Brush 

Okay everyone, gather around and listen closely. THIS KABUKI BRUSH IS AMAZING. I think I tell my team about this every time I walk into the office- I just can’t stop talking about it. This kabuki brush by Byredo is basically powder perfume! You just push the little button and brush the perfume all over. (Kind of like those #tbt shimmer brushes from the ’90’s!) Besides being the absolute perfect travel perfume (not liquid) it is also really fragrant. You’ll be smelling great alllll day 😉

Chanel Gabrielle

The Classic

What’s more classic than Chanel? The Chanel Gabrielle is like heaven in a bottle. It’s subtle, it’s sexy, it’s floral without being too floral… a bit musky without being too heavy. I honestly can’t get enough of it. If you’re a big fan of Chanel fragrances and you haven’t picked this gem up yet, I highly recommend it! It’s a little piece of luxury you’ll treasure forever (or at least until you run out)!

What’s your fragrance of choice for this season? Do you guys change up your scent based on the season like I do? Tell me in the comments below and have a great day!



  • Rose says:

    Thanks for the nice suggestion. I’m still finding new scent for 2018. Love you <3

  • tanja says:

    love it – great pics –
    xo tanja

  • Out of the three, Chanel Gabrielle is the only one I’ve heard of! But the other two sounds awesome as well! Would love to give it a try to see how it reacts on my body!

    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  • Selina says:

    I wear any perfume for any season but I do tend to go for tea, fresh cotton type of scents the most often. At the moment I’m wearing a lot of sweet and warm scents. I wear them in spray, oil, crayon stick, whatever form they come in. I love perfume

  • alexia says:

    I struggle with wearing perfume because I feel like it doesn’t stay all day so what’s the point. Idk. I fell in love with Chloe perfume. Thanks for sharing your favorites! xx

    // what’s the hold up?
    born bred BE – a blog by Alexia

  • Wow that kabuki brush sounds like such a good idea!

  • Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Vicky T. says:

    The kabuki brush seems so interesting


  • Elizabeth says:

    The perfume kabuki! <3 🙂 I really need one of these! And yes, of course, Chanel is always timeless and classic! Loving all of the photos – there's an editorial feel to this photo story!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Alison says:

    I took a trip to Sephora yesterday to check out the new Fenty Beauty line and, of course, the new Chanel perfume: Gabrielle. Although Chanel No. 5 is my forever fragrance, Gabrielle was delightful!

  • I love Gabrielle! I’ve been wearing it non-stop lately!

  • Looks like I have some catching up to do! I have been using Chanel Mademoiselle for over 10 years now. I ought to try that Gabrielle one! Thank you for sharing

  • Jandrew says:

    Unfortunately my darling so many work places and some
    other environments are scent free . The only good thing is quality
    Scents can often evade these criteria!
    Be careful what scents you wear and where you wear them .
    Dress The Part

  • My Linh says:

    Chanel one is tempting. Also, in love with your lip color. May I know what is it?
    My Linh

  • Yumi says:

    How does Gabrielle Chanel compare to Mademoiselle, or Chance eau de Tendre? I love both but would love to try something new.

  • Brooke Komas says:

    This campaign is so dreamy! I love how elegantly you and your team market products. I can’t wait to see where your production company takes you!

    xx Brooke

  • Alisha Ricki says:

    You’re the first person who’s given a positive review for the Gabrielle perfume, that I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll go test it out and see if I like it xo, Alisha Ricki | Life(Style) &Travel

  • Magda says:

    This Kabuki Brush sounds amazing, I need this!

  • Natali says:

    Have to try Anine Bing’s perfume but the other two have been my favourites already for a while! 😀

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    The savage Rose oil parfum is so interesting. I’m sure anything to do with Roses is a beautiful scent product. 🙂

    🍂🍁LA BIJOUX BELLA 🍂🍁| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

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