5 Tips to Packing your Travel Carry-on

Traveling as much as I do, I’ve picked up a trick or two to make long plane rides as easy as they can be! Through trial and error, and trips all around the world, some of the key things I focus on when packing is accessibility and efficiency. When I’m traveling, I like to be as organized as possible since traveling itself is already such a stressful thing. Checking in your luggage is easy, the trick is organizing & packing your carry-on! If you guys have followed my snapchat (@chrisellelim) during my trip to Greece, you guys might have seen my in-flight beauty regime and all the books and magazines I had brought with me onto the plane. But to let you guys in on a little secret .. I had all of that neatly packed into my carry-on, it was super easy! So today I’ll be sharing with you guys my 5 tips to packing your travel carry-on!


1. Double Up Your Bags

I can’t stress how important pouches are. They help conserve space and keep everything organized. I usually have one bag to carry all of my electronics in, and another bag to carry all of my beauty products in, my jewelry, my travel documents.. you get the point. I rarely travel with more than a rolling carry-on, since it’s so much easy to just roll a carry-on instead of carrying a purse or a duffel. I even put my purse (or clutch) into my luggage! Having your hands free is extremely important when traveling. Right before I sit, I take out what I need (that’s already all packed conveniently together!) so I’m not constantly getting up to get something from my carry-on.

2. Keep Your Electronics Together

Your laptop, tablet, chargers, even headphones, should all be kept together for easy access. Find a case that has easy compartments to keep everything in its place. I really like this brown leather thisisground laptop case because not only does it help me keep organized, but I absolutely love how sturdy it is. It’s also a good idea to keep all your electronics in one place because then the delicate wires of your chargers won’t get damaged!

3. Never Put Your Valuables in a Checked Bag.

Ever! For example, jewelry. That way, if your luggage ever gets lost, your valuables will be safe. When packing your jewelry, it’s also important to use an organizer so your pieces won’t break! Not to mention you won’t ever lose your favorite jewelry piece if it’s all kept together in one place.

Shop: Mele Jewelry Case


4. Roll Your Clothes.

This packing method helps save tons of space, and keeps your pieces wrinkle free! It’s also very important to carry along a chic pair of heels and a dress- you never know when you’ll need to look chic at a moment’s notice! Not to mention you’ll have an outfit ready if anything were to happen to your checked luggage, or a baby spits up on your shirt!

5. Pack a Scarf that Doubles as a Blanket.

Comfort essentials! It will keep you warm on the plane, and once you arrive at your destination, it’s the perfect chic accessory! I usually also keep a pair of socks to keep my feet warm during the long flights too. I think one thing that I always underestimate is how cold flights can be because of the air conditioning!


When you travel it’s important to plan ahead in order to make things as effortless as possible! And with everything organized in your carry-on, with all your essentials accessible at a moment’s notice, traveling will be a breeze! I hope these tips helped!

Watch the full video I made all about traveling chic below!

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  • Katheryn says:

    Absolutely love these packing tips, especially for the frequent flyer!

  • Love the light and the dispose of the elements! Very well done!

  • Paty says:

    Nice post! Actually, I included it in the 10 best travel posts of this week in my blog, hope you can have a look/share it: 🙂

  • Lucija says:

    I knew I’m not crazy for wanting to pack everything into separate pouches, haha! 😀
    And that electronics bag looks so nice, I need to get one for myself one day.
    Thanks for these tips, they are on point!


  • Natalie says:

    Pouches are lifesavers and make organising so much easier! You can never have too many pouches!
    Love the Audrey Hepburn inspired video!

  • KIm says:

    I always shrink wrap my rolled clothes in a vacuum bag when taking only hand luggage; saves so much space!

  • morena says:

    Love the colors of this post!! and that carry on is beautiful

  • Such great tips ! Never too old to learn 🙂

    I have been using the bag-tip with my handbag actually… I tend to take a different handbag everyday but the times that I forgot to take something out of the handbag I used the other day… well they were countless. Now I recently bought a little bag where I put all my stuff in (except my wallet) and now I only have to replace that little bag and my wallet… so easy !

    Love, Kathleen

  • Kacper says:

    Very helpful tips!! They will definitely help me next time I’ll travel ? thank you so much ?

  • andrea says:

    just realised the shop is noted!

  • andrea says:

    My darling Chrisselle,
    I love the suitcase, so cute! Please tell me where you did you get it from, hun? Love your style and presentation, always a pleasure to look at your creations.
    Thank you.

  • Lindsay says:

    What a gorgeous suitcase!! Love your tips!!

  • pat. says:

    Great to do’s. I suggest saving a few hotel size shampoo bottles and refilling them with lotions and potions if you can’t find an assortment of travel friendly ones in your local store.

  • krystal says:

    This is the cutest video! Thank you for sharing these great tips!

  • jessie says:

    Hi Chriselle,
    i do like all the items especially the Mele Co jewellery box. However they dont do shipping to the UK. =(

    It would b great if they do.


  • Helena says:

    Oh, I just saw in your post…ups! 🙂

  • Helena says:

    Hi Chriselle! This post is awesome!! Can you please tell where I can find a travel case like yours? It’s sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!
    Thank you very much!

  • I really enjoyed your beauty tips on snapchat, and these are really great as well! I would love to get that laptop case with the various compartments! It’s so perfect for traveling!!


  • Tenzing says:

    Hi Chriselle! Where can I get the jewelery organizer from? Thank you!

  • Great tips, I really like it and its very useful. I’m really impressed how this 5 simple tips can help you pack easier and organized.

  • Rachel says:

    Great post & i also love the Globe Trotter suitcase. I assume it fits the required carry on specs otherwise you wouldnt be taking it on every flight. It looks roomy inside too!
    Rachel xx

  • Emily says:

    I didn’t find that video to be awkward at all, in fact, it’s super creative 😀 Love those tips by the way!



  • Vanessa says:

    I swear by rolling up the clothes, it can creates so much space. And, I like to use little bags to organize things in my luggage as well. No only is it really organized, but also it won’t be embarrassing when they are checking what’s inside.

    Vanessa│Meili Journey

  • Maria says:

    Such nice tips here! Thanks!

  • Emily Cole says:

    Every time I look at your blog all I can think is wow! Other than your fashion and styling always being on point, I love your voice (writing voice) and how your photos are beautiful pieces of art. You really inspire me.

    Thanks you

  • I am so getting that thermal spring water for my next trip! I do most of these when packing my carry on, but the scarf doubling as a blanket is not one I thought of! Will have to try it out!

  • Viviene Kok says:

    I love that laptop bag 🙂 🙂 🙂 Masculine yet feminine enough!

  • Victoria says:

    I love travel tips!
    I’m traveling on December, so thanks for the great advice 🙂

  • Geeta says:

    Loved the video! Where is your exact jewelry case from?

  • Geeta says:

    Loved the video! Where is your exact jewelry case from? I would love to have it!

  • Agus says:

    Very helpful tips, and a lovely style!

  • Absolutely amazing video and great article!

    Laiyin ||

  • Lea says:

    I found it 😉

  • Lea says:

    Hey Chriselle,
    Cool tips! I love to travel as well but I find packing always hard. So thanks for these tips 🙂
    But where you got your lovely suitcase from? I love it <3 !!!

    Greetings from Berlin <3

  • angie wilson says:

    Such great tips, I travel all the time and I will definitely implement some of these next time I fly!

    xx Angie |

  • Carolyn says:

    totally agree with all your tips!

  • ish says:

    gosh never really thougt about pouches but it’s so smart ! thanks for the tips chriselle !
    xx ish

  • Elizabeth T. says:

    Loving these tips so much! I love to travel, but the idea of living out of a suitcase is always just a little off-putting, but your advice is definitely helpful <3
    And LOL! Your video is so fun, entertaining, creative, and helpful! 😀 Love it! You always create such helpful content!

    xo, elizabeth t.

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    Lovely!!! So chic, ugh can’t get enough 😀

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    Superb!!! Adorable video!

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    lifestyle by joules

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  • Love your tips and the video!

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    Love the video! But where did you get that lovely jewelry holder? Please update 🙂

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    Well informed and essential tips for the jet setter. These useful tips are very much appreciated, as I am leaving to go back to France for the rest of the Summer, I’ll keep in mind of your fabulous tips. 🙂

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    This video was probably one of my all time favourites. I really loved the vintage throwback which made the whole video so inspiring and unique! I was just wondering where you got your suitcase from? I am in love!!

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    ohhhh and love the vintage style of the video too.
    Lagos, Nigeria

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    Nice tips for a well travelled person like you.

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    Hi Chriselle, loving this post. Could you let me know where your makeup pouche and the jewelry organizer from please. Thank you

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