cover_chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_7 chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_1 chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_4

{These new ultralight  light Gucci Round Aviator Sunglasses are my absolute fave!}

chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_5 chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_6

{Already have worn this Lovers + Friends circle skirt 3 times already this season!}

chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_3 chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_7

{how kitchy is this Jonathan Adler Hello/ByeBye clutch?}

chriselle_lim_cinco_de_Mayo_greyling_tank_lovers_and_friends_monica_rose_cut_out_skirt_2 Photography by Karen Chen

Mexican food is one of my favorite types of food to eat.When I first moved to LA I scoured every taco truck and Mexican food joint to find the best one! Funny enough I ended up moving my office down the street from one of my favorite ones…I swear it wasn’t intentional!  Although I don’t indulge in carne asada burritos as much as I used to,  I’m always looking for a good excuse to do so.

Anyways I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a fun shoot in front of one of my fave taco joints in LA. Unfortunately when we shot this over the weekend the restaurant was closed, hence the reason why I resorted to drinking a red beet juice from Robeks instead of my beloved Horchata , but believe that I will be going back today to pick up some Carne Asada tacos & fries! HAPPY MONDAY & of course HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!



Skirt- *Lovers + Friends x Monica Rose

Tank- *Greylin

Shoes- *Chelsea Paris  (similar one HERE)

Sunglasses- Gucci

Clutch- *Jonathan Adler



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