Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_12 Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_10 Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_13 Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_9 Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_2 Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_6   Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_5 Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_11 Cameo_the_label_Zadig_and_voltaire_fringe_purse_boots_westward_leaning_sunglasses_chriselle_lim_1

Photography by Karen Chen 

Possibly it was my explosion of excitement in Paris that I found myself indulging in different colors of the rainbow on the daily. But ever since i’ve been back in LA i’ve been on a semi color detox, and indulging in tons of monochrome black & whites outfits (as seen here)

During the spring/summer i’m always looking for easy one pieces that I can easily throw on such as this black cut out romper. As for me when i’m wearing an all black outfit I like to pair it with strong accents such as this Zadig & Voltaire fringe purse & black booties. Not to mention that fringe is back in full swing, and will be seen everywhere this season (especially with the upcoming music festivals).And of course the minute that I thought I was over mirrored sunnies, Westward leaning sends me a pair of black frames with a rose gold/red tint. Just the perfect amount of bright to an all black ensemble- Black  & Bright it is.

Romper: Cameo (similar one HERE and equally as obsessed with this one HERE )

Booties: Zadig & Voltaire x Laurence Decade (similar one HERE & HERE)

Purse: Zadig & Voltaire (similar one HERE)

Sunglasses: Westward Leaning

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