cover_Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_8 Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazerChriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_9Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_2Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_3Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_5Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_4Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_6Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_7Chriselle_lim_lace_slip_dress_zara_valentino_rockstud_purse_reed_krakoff_shoes_jennifer_zeuner_necklace_Storets_blazer_1

Photography by  Karen Chen

I’ve always been about mixing the past and the present by working around pieces that remain timeless. There are certain style faux pas that I have regretfully adopted back in the 90′s, but there are also ones that have somehow made it back into my closet. Although the rage has finally simmered down, the crop top came back in full swing last season, but now it’s on to the  slip dress! Any of you recall that moment Cher {from Clueless} descends down the stairs in her white Calvin Klein number? I begged my mom back then to buy me a slip dress, but of course she said she would never let me walk out of the house in underwear! (엄마 {mom}- I know you are giggling while reading this :P ) Well, I like to think that the slip has made its way back in a much more elegant & feminine way. The one i’m wearing is simply an “inspired” slip dress, so it’s much more wearable. I appreciate that the body of this dress is much thicker than an actual slinky lingerie piece. It’s my natural inclination to add hints of masculinity to something more feminine. Toughened up this look by pairing my mesh black booties & an oversized men’s blazer.

Happy Friday!!! Do you guys  have any special plans? Me? I have something incredibly exciting happening on Sunday, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so hard to keep this from you guys, but i’ll be sharing it with you all via Instagram & Facebook on Sunday!



Dress: Zara (similar one HERE & HERE)

Blazer: *Storets (similar one HERE HERE, & HERE)

Shoes:Reed Krakoff (old, but similar HERE & HERE)

Purse: Valentino

Necklace: *Jennifer Zeuner  & *Broken English

Sunglasses: Celine


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