The Snow & The Sun


Photography by Jana Williams  

Surprisingly the morning after the storm hit it was quite beautiful & sunny. As I stepped out of the hotel it felt like I was in Winter Wonderland. There’s something so pure & renewing when everything around you is buried in snow.

We spent the morning yesterday in meetings, and in the evening attended a few amazing shows. Cant believe that we’ve been here in NY for officially a week now! I call this the home stretch- the last 2 days before we head home back to LA! Will be attending more shows today!! keep posted





Coat- Joy Cioci 

Tweed Jacket-Joy Cioci 

Blouse- Joy Cioci 

Pants- Joie

Boots- Sigerson Morrison


Purse- Celine


  • liza says:

    Real fur?why would you do that chriselle?and you are a pet owner..could you ever imagine wearing mignion?all of the creatures are the same in god’s eyes,i really like you and i have seen you wear faux coats,but i am really let down by this look.

  • You look so pretty in this outfit.. Which actually is usual..:)
    I always love, love, love to read your blog! It’s amazing!

    Check out my fashion blog – StyleGuideAM – http://styleguideam.blogspot.com

    Visit, read and comment – it’s amazing, I promise! 

  • paola says:

    Love your fur…and the bag is amazing!You always inspire me!Following you for a long time and still in love with your blog!

  • Jo says:

    I, too, am very disappointed your coat is made of fox fur. Animals shouldn’t be skinned alive or electrocuted for their pelts. Stella McCartney is a wonderful example and a role model for her ethical beliefs for not sacrificing animals for fashion. (We can all agree she is fabulous!) I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 10 years and know for a fact some fur mills in China use dog and cat fur/hair to pass off as other animals. Please, think of Mignon the next time you think of wearing fur!

  • Irene says:

    Chriselle, your outfits are always great, but I have to agree with a few others here
    and say that I’m disappointed you’d wear fur… You do not need it! X

  • Kristi says:

    You look fabulous in that blue hat!!! Fantastic outfit, as always!

  • LoY says:

    I really love your style and have to admit the outfit is fabulous. But I’m disappointed to find out that this is a real fur of fox. I believe nowadays faux fur is good enough for the look. There’s really no need for real fur if you don’t live in extreme cold place like Arctic….It’s your personal choice, but if you do not wear real fur I will like you more since you are such an influential blogger 🙂 best,

  • Lottie says:

    disappointed that you wore fur :/

  • LOVE that coat. So fabulous. I love that you’re staying warm so stylishly.

  • Aldís Amah Hamilton says:

    Agree with Maja, the look is great but wearing fur (especially from China) is so sad. I used to wear fur all the time, have a couple of beautiful coats in my possession. But I can’t wear them anymore after the cruel methods and torture were brought to my attention. I do however believe that there is a humane way of using animal products, but as long as countries like China and many east-european countries offer cheap slaughter they’ll continue to do business with them. A animal friendly utopia… a dream but hopefully a reality one day!

    Hopefully a powerful icon like you’ll be able to take a stand against the inhumane torture of animals, for ours and cute little Mignon and friends’s sake! 😀 All the best!

  • I love your long hair, it really suits you!

  • Maja says:

    I don’t like that you wear real fur, but other than that; great outfit 🙂

  • Oksana says:

    You look wonderful!

  • Mira says:

    Love this look so much. Esp the fantastic coat 🙂




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