Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_10Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_1 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_6 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_2 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_9 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_3 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_8 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_5 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_7 Alexander_Wang_peplum_top_valentino_Rockstud_clutch_7FAM_Chriselle_lim_4

Photography by- Jana Williams 

White jeans is generally associate with spring or summer, but in my books they are a staple that can be worn all year around. Really Obsessed with these 7 For All Mankind jeans  with a subtle Metallic snakeskin pattern.

Recently i’ve had many people ask me “How do you describe your style???” Granted that I’ve adopted many different styles, for the longest time I wasnt able to give anyone a straight shoot answer. But as  i’m continuously learning & growing i’ve noticed that I always naturally gravitate towards very soft, sophisticated, & feminine pieces, but not too overtly girly & frilly. At the same time I’m very inspired by the streets, and drawn to very strong edgy leather pieces…but nothing too casual.  A mixture of Sweet, Street, & Sophistication is what I like to call it.



JEANS- 7 For All Man Kind

Top- Alexander Wang

Jacket- Rag & Bone

Heels- BCBG

Purse- Valentino 

All Jewelry- Lionette


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