Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress_7Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress_3 Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress_8 Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress_6 Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress_5 Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress_9 Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress_1 Asos_Chriselle_Lim_Pink_Pony_hair_Clutch_Blue_Embroidered_Dress

With Award Season in full effect, I recently found a sudden urge to dress up in a fancy dress! I  recently partnered up with ASOS along with a few other bloggers to share with you guys a few red carpet Oscar worthy looks. Granted that this dress is too casual for the Oscars, I found that the delicate turquoise embroidery to be quite a statement. I’m hoping that this Oscar season i’ll be seeing alot more bold patterns on classic silhouettes. This Fuschia (faux) pony hair clutch is sure to make any outfit pop…along with a pair of slinky metallic strappy heels! As we all know accessories can make or break an outfit!

Since I have yet to be nominated for an Oscar (hahah jk), I guess for the time being i’ll have a more Wearable Oscar Moment to myself! Now make sure to vote for me HERE to win $500 towards your own Oscar winning outfit!!!

Goodluck loves!




Dress- ASOS

Clutch- ASOS 

Heels- ASOS 



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