Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_7Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_6 Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_9 Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_2 Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_8 Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_4 Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_3 Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_1Joie_Floral_skirt_CHloe_susanna_boots_Givenchy_Pandora_Python_snake_embossed_Chriselle_Lim_5

Photography by- Jana Williams 

Lately i’ve been starting off my day as early as 6 am…there’s simply not enough time in the day to do everything!! We spent the day yesterday filming Valentines day tutorial at our office in downtown, and no matter how early we start we always find ourselves chasing after the sun. Yesterday we wrapped filming at 4:30 pm…. Jana & I sprinted upstairs to our office  rooftop to catch the last  5 minutes of light. Not bad given that we shot these photos in less than 5 minutes, right?

Anyways the team & I are spending the day strategizing and planning New York fashion week…we leave next Tuesday! yay!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Dont forget to check back in in a few hours..will be posting all the fun behind the scenes pix from our shoot yesterday.



Sweater- Joie

Skirt- Joie

Denim Blouse- Club Monaco 

Purse- Givenchy

Shoes- Chloe


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