Utility Girl + Red Hair

Photography by Jana Williams 


Received this BEAUTIFUL dress from McGinn Collection last week and decided to make it more day time appropriate, so I paired it with a Utility jacket. This is the second time wearing a utility jacket this week (worn HERE too) I’m convinced that they are the perfect transitional piece to take your summer pieces into the fall. “Borrowed” this belt from the hubbys closet along with his aviators that I never gave back from months ago! Now that we’re married ..whats his is mine, right?? 😉

I recently died my hair RED for the new fall season… it came out a bit more red than expected, but nonetheless it’s slowly growing on me. What do you guys think??? Do you think I should keep it this red or tone it down a bit??

Hope you all have a lovely & restful weekend!!!



Dress- thanks to Mcginn Collection  (as a top  HERE)

Jacket- Gap (similar one HERE)

Necklace- thanks to HRH Collection

Ring – thanks to Karla Deras x Roman Luxe

Bracelet- thanks to Karla Deras x Roman Luxe

Watch –  thanks to Daniel Wellington 

Purse- Valentino

Sunglasses- Ray Ban 





  • hair weaves says:

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  • Becca Wong says:

    I love your lip color, what product do you use?! 🙂

  • fernanyi says:

    Love how the hair came out!!! This color looks great on you!!! Mignon looks so adorable I wouldn’t be able to leaving alone I’ll be cuddling and carrying him all day long hahah!! Ps:love this look and the skirt is my favorite!
    Hugs XOXO Fe

  • Love the outfit! But I have to admit that the hair colour it’s… um… I don’t know… I guess I prefer more hazel-ish, caramel-ish shades.

  • athanasia says:

    Great outfit, Chriselle! Don’t tone down your hair, please! This red tone looks amazing on you!

  • I’m pretty much in love with the red! It suits you perfectly 🙂

  • MonsieurChevalier says:

    Looks GREAT!!!

  • Chris says:

    LOVE that color on you! Very “Black Cherry-ish”!

  • Kiss says:

    Simple n pretty, I <3 it

  • Jazmin says:

    I looooooove this tone of red, please keep it, you look beautiful!!!

    Kisses from JazmíN(México)

  • Niole says:

    I think it really suits you and the color is great! Keep it!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  • Obsessed with that dress/utility jacket combo! The red will tone down as you continue to wash!

    Check out the Friday Five on The Glitter Life! http://the-glitter-life.com/2012/10/12/friday-five-10/

  • Elise says:

    Red hair looks so good on you! I don’t think I would be able to pull it of myself 🙁

  • Nikita says:

    Keep it this red! looks great!

  • Raphaela says:

    i love it! Very nice! <3

  • Clo says:

    Hi Chriselle, you look wonderful with this tone of red, i like the fabric od the dress and how you use this jacket :))) All the accessories are amazing 🙂 I like the ring!!
    Clo 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Keep the red! It’ll gradually tone down on its own.

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