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Jimmy Choo x Baby2Baby

I was honored to have been able to attend a lunch at Saks 5th Avenue hosted by Jimmy Choo’s creative director, Sandra Choi. Jimmy Choo is a brand that I really love and it was made especially special because it was hosted in conjunction with one of my favorite causes, Baby2Baby.

Outfits 2 years ago

7 Tips to Dress Expensive

A few of tips and tricks to make your outfits look expensive.

Fashion 4 years ago

Rockin' the Rococo

Photography by: Karen Chen If you’ve been following my posts lately then you may have noticed one similar trend in all of my photos I’ve...

Outfits 4 years ago

In Ode to the 4th....

Photography by Jana Williams look familiar? In ode to the 4th of July here is a throwback OOTD from this post HERE! Today we’ll  be...

Outfits 6 years ago

On The Day Of....

On The Day Of a Shoot. Before dashing out the door at the break of dawn to arrive on set on time with a latte...

Fashion 7 years ago

The Ultimate SKINNY BITCH Diet

i lost about 5 lbs in one week by being on this diet. Today I ate my YSL’s for breakfast, for lunch I had my...

Outfits 8 years ago