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Trend I'm Loving: Croc-Embossed Accessories

Every year, there is a standout animal print of the season.

Last year, everyone had their hands on something leopard print. This year, I don’t know what it is about croc-embossed accessories but, I’m so in love with them and love that there are many more updated designs this season.

I’ve talked about croc-embossed accessories in my post about the 5 trends you’ll see everywhere this fall, and it’s been all over street style at fashion week this season, too! While I love myself a good animal print, something about croc accessories feel so luxe and edgy.

Depending on how you decide to wear them, they can add an edgy and trendy touch or a classic and refined feel to your look. This just goes to show you that there’s a croc accessory for everyone!

If you’re unsure about croc-embossed accessories, it’s not a real crocodile or alligator… it’s embossed leather and faux leather. Basically, to achieve the look, a machine with a croc-print gets pressed onto the material and takes on the shape to give it the appearance of crocodile skin. So cool, right?

Shop Croc

Shop Croc

What do you all think of croc-embossed accessories? Will you rock some this season? Drop a comment down below and let me know!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Location: Firehouse Hotel DTLA