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Editor Approved Fall Fashion Picks Under $100

Hello, I’m Hannah and I’m on a budget.

You too? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I love shopping and fall is my FAVORITE SEASON. I want all of the sweaters and coats and boots and scarves… even though I live in sunny Los Angeles where we’re lucky for the weather to dip below 60 degrees. I’ve built up a fall/winter wardrobe (Chriselle’s perfect fall wardrobe is GOALS) that I’m very proud of, but every year around this time I start itching to shop.

While a good investment piece is always worth it, I can’t exactly afford the $2,000 Burberry trench coat I’ve been lusting after since middle school. So until there’s a significant shift in my financial situation, I’ll go for the cute $45 dollar coat from H&M instead.

I have a feeling you guys might be on the same page, so I gathered a bunch of AMAZING fall picks for under $100! Yep, even those boots. Plus a few of my tips for getting your best fall wardrobe on a budget.

Keep scrolling to check it all out!


Shop Vintage

Shopping vintage, or shopping your mom’s/ aunt’s / grandma’s closet is a surefire way of staying on budget and getting some really unique pieces! I’ve stolen a fair few things from my mom’s closet, including this suede denim jacket and a denim jacket from the 80’s with a hand-painted James Dean on the back. Don’t be afraid to dig!

Check Out Sale

Believe it or not, end-of-summer sales actually have a lot of things you can wear during the fall! Especially good layering pieces and a few of the lighter coats and sweaters which are perfect for the transition weather we’re about to head into.

Fast Fashion Basics

Fast fashion spots like Mango or H&M are great for gathering basics. Sweaters and t-shirts for under $10 are great for layering and your heart won’t be broken if they fall apart. Some of my favorite t-shirts are from a pack of Hanes tee’s I got from the men’s section in Target.

Don’t Be Afraid to Size Up

A big part about shopping vintage and sale is the sizing. When it comes to something like a dress or skirt, sizing up might not be an option. Sweater and coats, however, can have a little bit of wiggle room… literally. It just depends on how you style it! If you’re a size medium and the only sweater left is an XL, then congrats you have a very chic and very affordable oversized knit. Be flexible!

My Under $100 Fall Fashion Picks

I scoured the internet for HOURS to bring you this list of super cute, chic, and budget-friendly fall fashion picks. Each of these items is UNDER $100, so get your shop on! And also, you’re welcome 😉

Shop Coats & Jackets

Shop Outerwear

Shop Sweaters

Shop Sweaters

Shop Boots

Shop Boots

Shop Accessories

Shop Accessories



There you have it, my fall fashion picks for under $100. Did you add anything to your cart? Drop a comment down below and let me know! Until next time,

x Hannah

Photography by Karla Ticas
Location: La Peer Hotel