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Summer Accessories Under $100

Hey all! It’s Hannah back on the blog today! I don’t know about you, but something about ringing in a new season makes me want to revamp my whole wardrobe.

Sadly, my bank account would disagree. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for cute, chic, and affordable accessories to take my wardrobe into the new season. Just a little something that you can pick up or order online to keep your shopping addiction happy as well as your bottom line.

Summer is the best time to experiment with fun trends and accessories. With the weather heating up, you don’t have the luxury of throwing on a ‘third piece’ to pull your look together- think a jacket, coat, scarf, etc. So playing around with a cool bag or a statement piece of jewelry is the perfect way to add that cherry on top.

Keep scrolling to check out my picks for the best summer accessories for UNDER $100!


If you know me, you know I pretty much wear the same jewelry every day… but I’ve since been looking to expand my bling drawer. (Okay, I don’t actually have a drawer it’s pretty much all spread out on my dresser.)

Statement gold pieces and fun shell accents have stolen my heart this season!

My favorite: These seashell studs from Madewell! They’re only $24!



I never leave my apartment without a pair of sunglasses somewhere on my person: on my head, in my purse, hooked onto my top… I literally repeat the mantra, “phone, keys, sunnies, wallet” before I walk out my door so I don’t forget the essentials! While I lust after Chriselle’s designer sunnies collection- there’s something to be said for an affordable pair that you can throw into your beach bag and not care *too* much if they so happen to be lost… or stepped on.

Cheap AND chic? Sign me up.

My favorite: As the self-proclaimed queen of cat eyes, I love this pair from Le Specs– they’re only $89!

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have not only made a come back but I think they’re officially here to stay. Long ago were the days where I would snub my nose at a scrunchie. Hair clips, scarves, scrunchies- they’re all a great way to give your look a little extra pizzaz without breaking the bank.

My favorite: This black & gold printed scrunchie from Ganni. It’s only $20 and looks just as cute when I do a face mask as it does for a dinner date!



I never really considered myself a hat person until I got a ridiculous sunburn on the tip of my nose last spring and realized that for my health (literally) I should maybe consider a hat from time to time. Good thing straw hats are in!

My favorite: This one from Brixton! It has the cutest bow detail, and is under $45!



Shoes are my weakness, and shoes that are cute and affordable really get me going. In all of my summer experiences, (I’m going on 25 summers now) I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll always need a good pair of flip flops, a cute pair of sneakers, a dressier sandal, a casual sandal and a pair of espadrilles. They’re easy staples that you’ll pull out time and time again.

My favorite: These lace-up sandals from Madewell. I got a pair about 3 years ago and I wear them religiously every summer! They’ve only gotten better with age.


I have a confesssion- I’m a total bag lady. Once the temperatures start rising, something switches in my brain and all I want to do is carry wicker and macramé bags. Or is that just me…? These are some of my picks- all $100 bucks, of course!

My favorite: This net tote from Nordstrom!



Who else is ready for summer? Are you traveling anywhere? Drop a comment down below! Until next time,

x Hannah

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