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Fashion 3 months ago

What Makes Me Feel Beautiful

I won’t lie to you guys. I haven’t exactly been feeling my best these last couple of weeks.

Pregnancy is amazing, beautiful and wonderful, and although I know it’s only temporary, I’ve been feeling so uncomfortable in my body these days. My skin hasn’t been the best, nothing in my closet fits me anymore, my feet are swollen and I’m just so READY to meet my baby girl. I mean, I know I have to give myself some credit. I am creating a human being after all.

I don’t usually have FOMO (fear of missing out) but seeing everyone on Instagram looking super glamorous all the time, well, it almost makes me feel worse! Not to mention I can barely walk and I’ve been alternating between the two outfits that fit me and make me feel the most comfortable.

But no matter how I feel, there are a few things that have been consistently able to make me feel my best.


1. Chloe has been the absolute sweetest!
I don’t know how much of it she actually understands, but she knows her new baby sister is in mommy’s belly, and she knows mommy is uncomfortable. So she’s totally been stepping it up and helping out! It’s so amazing to see how excited she is to be a big sister!

2. Trader Joe’s Licorice
It’s the little things! You guys might have seen me talking about this on Instagram, but they’re seriously my guilty pleasure! They’re actually kind of dangerous too because I can easily eat a whole bag if I’m not careful.  I pick up a few every time I’m getting groceries, and they’re like little pieces of heaven!

3. A Little Sparkle
I know that no matter how big my belly gets, and how bloated I might feel, I can always count on my jewelry to make me feel beautiful. There are a few pieces that I’ve been wearing a lot recently by this amazing brand called AUrate! They’re gorgeous, ethically sourced, made in New York, conflict-fee and so dainty! It’s incredible what a little sparkle can do to your wardrobe and self-esteem. I’ve been wearing the Large Connection Earring, the Gold Disk Necklace and the Skinny Cuff on rotation!


Lately, I’ve been trying to put in more work and do more research about the products I use and what the company stands for.  With AUrate, I love that they have amazing 14k gold pieces at affordable prices and all the diamonds they use are ethically sourced! Gorgeous classic designs without the fine jewelry prices- what’s not to love?

So if you’re pregnant or not, sometimes you just need those little things to lift you up and make you feel beautiful.

sponsored by AUrate

To learn more about AUrate click HERE!


Photography by Karla Ticas

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What Makes Me Feel Beautiful

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