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Fashion 3 months ago

Introducing The Chriselle Lim Collection

There’s something big coming. Really big.

You guys might have seen me tease it on Instagram already, but I’m so excited to tell you guys even more about it on the blog! My very own, stand-alone Ready-to-Wear collection is coming SOON and it is truly a dream come true. My team and I have been working tirelessly on this for over a year now, and knowing that the release is just around the corner is such an amazing feeling!

To get you guys excited about what’s to come, I wanted to share the inspiration behind my first collection and the brand itself. If you guys are following the @chrisellelimcollection Instagram account, (if you aren’t already, you should!) you’ve seen that a lot of the inspiration behind the collection and the pieces come from women, women in the workplace and all around girl bosses.

If there’s one question I’m constantly getting asked, it’s what did I do to get to where I am now. When I started my career back in 2010, I never would have imagined myself to be here, running a business with a team, having an office and a studio,  but I worked hard… and I dressed the part! Honestly, I faked it till I made it even on those days that I felt like there was no end! I acted and dressed like a boss before I ever became one so I know first-hand the power of a good suit, an expensive looking trench coat and an overall well put together polished look.

I know how good clothes can empower you from the outside within, so this whole collection was really inspired by the journey of who I am now and what my style has evolved into. It’s very different from my previous capsule collection because that one was very fun, flirty and feminine. But for my very first stand-alone collection, I would define the Chriselle Lim collection as timeless with a twist, minimal and masculine meets feminine.


These are lots of pieces that you’ll be able to pull out and wear over and over again because you know how much I love styling the basics. The collection is built around good classic pieces that everyone needs as closet staples. You can throw them on and wear them to a job interview feeling like a million bucks, you can effortlessly throw them on for that big presentation or meeting at work, and anytime you need to feel on the top of your game.

I designed everything in this collection to look super elevated and wearable. I also took into consideration a lot of your notes from my last collection- like the sizing and materials, to make this collection just that much better. We tried the collection on many different body types and sizes to make sure everyone would feel their absolute best when wearing these pieces.


What do YOU think?

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Introducing The Chriselle Lim Collection

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