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Ditch Your Eyeshadows

Hey guys! Hannah back on the blog today to share something that I’ve recently been really into- lipsticks as eyeshadows.

I know this isn’t exactly brand new information, but I’ve been having so much fun playing around with it. See the thing is I have a lot of lipsticks, and I love them all so very much… but I generally never wear lipstick. So I figured I’d put them to use on the rest of my face and not let them go to waste!

Using lipstick to add a quick flush on your cheeks is a trick Chriselle swears by, so using lipsticks as eyeshadows is kind of a natural progression from that! 

I'll sometimes get some pretty funky colors lip colors as gifts, or really pretty metallic colors that can wash out my face if I were to use them on my lips… so using them on my eyelids is a great way to still put the lipsticks and glosses to good use! 


To keep the lipstick from creasing, I use this eyelid primer (which you might remember from my Waterproof Makeup Picks post) all over my lids.

Then for the look I’m wearing here, I used a combination of this lipstick from Bobbi Brown and this lip stain from Dior! The Bobbi Brown lip color is pretty sheer so I got to build up the pigment to be as deep as I wanted! I just applied the lipstick directly to my lids and blended with an eyeshadow brush (like this one here) to get the shape I wanted.

The red is pretty bold, I know. But I also play around with lipglosses like this one and this one for a cool metallic look or accent on top of my usual eyeshadows. It gives a really cool dimension and it basically doubles my makeup bag.


I’ve also been playing around with multi-sticks like this one and this one! I love a good monochrome makeup look and these sticks give me a great lip color, cheek color and eye color all in one. If I know I’m going to be going out or even if I know I’m going to be crashing at a friend’s place and I want to bring along as little makeup as possible- I’ll just throw in a multi-stick! If you make sure to spray on a setting spray (I’ve been using this one here) it lasts about 12 hours!

I’ve gotten so good at slimming down my makeup bag when I travel I can put on a whole face of makeup with like, 4 products. (Would you guys want to see a post about that?)

So are you guys ready to ditch your eyeshadows? Let me know down below and I’ll see you guys next week!

x Hannah

Photography by Drew Scott

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