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The Full Collection Reveal

I absolutely can’t believe that the day is finally here and I can reveal my entire collection to you guys!

First of all, thank you so much for all of your excitement and support… I’ve been so floored with everyone’s responses and reactions!

With that said, here’s the big news… I am coming out with my very first collection with a brand that I’ve been a huge fan of for many, many years now called J.O.A, and the entire collection will be (*drumroll*) EXCLUSIVELY sold at select Nordstrom stores and also!

AH! There! The news is finally out now. I mean, my very own full collection? On top of that, to have it sold at one of the biggest retailers in the world??? Pinch me! This is truly a dream come true guys, and none of this would have happened without YOU. I designed this entire collection with YOU guys in mind. Everything from the wearability of each piece to the versatility, to how you can move in it, to even the price point.

SO many of you have been so supportive of me throughout the years. Many of you have been following me from the beginning of my career, way back when I was just in my early 20s and straight out of college! I know I’m constantly preaching about the things that you need to have in your closet or how to style certain pieces… but it has always been a silent dream of mine to have my very own collection… for my followers to have a piece of me in their wardrobe! I never thought this day would come (excuse me because I can’t contain my excitement)!

As you guys know, I love my luxury brands, but when it comes to clothes and spending my very own hard earned money on something… I always ask myself these 2 important questions:

 1. How’s the quality?

 2. What’s the price point?

With that said, I discovered J.O.A years ago organically when I was doing the usual online browsing and have been a loyal customer since I discovered them! (You might recognize the brand from some of the pieces that I wore in previous blog posts and OOTDs!)

Since I was so familiar with J.O.A and trusted their quality and their reasonable price point, I knew they were the perfect fit for my very first collection. I was heavily involved throughout the entire process… from the designs to the sampling and even the fit meetings. I would literally be jumping on and off planes to try on samples, then taking countless conference calls and Skype meetings while traveling overseas… it’s safe to say that the last year or so has definitely been a whirlwind.

AND THEN… one extra special day…we got news that NORDSTROM loved the entire collection so much that they wanted exclusivity to it.  The day I heard the news I was literally in tears… I couldn’t believe it! I grew up shopping at Nordstrom and to have my very first collection be sold in almost all Nordstrom stores? I mean… no words. Some of you guys might remember my trip to Seattle a few months back… and yup that was because we were meeting with the development team at the Nordstrom headquarters! We walked into a room of 30 powerful women at Nordstrom and I couldn’t help but feel nervous and excited all at the same time. That was the moment when it really hit me that this all coming to fruition.

I’m so excited to share my very first collection with you guys. To give you a little backstory, it was inspired by my recent trips to Rome last year. I was just so inspired by the rustic romance and the neutral yet vibrant colors of the city. Roman golds, washed out rusty pinks, sage greens, and rich creams… You will see a lot of these colors incorporated into the collection. One of my favorite movies is Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and there’s this roman gold colored dress that just reminded me so much of a scene from the movie! I also have a classic white suit that I firmly believe all women should have in their closet… and it really was from my obsession of Bianca Jagger and her notorious white suits. So as you can tell, I used a bit of inspiration everywhere from my fashion icons to my favorite cities…. to you guys…the modern day woman. The modern day woman needs to do it all and her wardrobe needs to work for her busy schedule! The collection will include a total of 23 pieces and will be available for a limited amount of time online and in 40 Nordstrom stores around the US and Canada! You can find more info about the locations HERE!

With that said, after many months of hard work, here is the full

CHRISELLE X J.O.A collection! 

I knew when designing this collection that it had to be a good reflection of who I am. I’m a feminine girl at heart with a slight masculine touch. I like looking glamorous but not over the top… I like being polished but not perfect. I love matching sets, easy dresses I can throw on, tops that can be worn in a million different ways, and just overall have the flexibility to transform pieces from day to night. I’m a busy girl and so are you… and I wanted this collection to be easy to wear whether you’re headed to a meeting, to hang out with your girls, or even to go pick up your kids from school. It’s for the woman who has to do it all and be it allAnd sometimes, all you need is that one piece that will make you instantly look and feel chic and all is well in the world!


On Thursday 3/15 (next week!) at 6 am PST sharp the pieces will be available to purchase! I have to warn you in advance that everything is limited so do whatever you need to do to carve out that time! The collection will range from $54 – $129 and will be available on and 40 Nordstrom stores near you! Get ready to shop on the 15th whether it be online or at your local Nordstrom stores!

Ahhhh and HERE IT IS… CLICK HERE for all the info!


Photography by Karla Ticas