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Fashion 1 year ago

5 Tips to Dress Like A Travel Pro

In these last few months, it’s felt like I’ve spent more time in the air than I have on land! So I teamed up with Puma and Bloomingdales to talk about my 5 tips on traveling comfortably while still looking chic! It’s safe to say that I have my comfortable yet chic travel outfit down. Since my flights are usually international, comfort is key. There used to be a time when I wouldn’t dream of wearing sweatpants and sneakers on a flight, but now – they’re my absolute best friends! Keep scrolling to read my tips!

1. Chic Pair of Sneakers

I’m SUCH a sneaker girl right now, and these from Puma called The Sleek Muse make me feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Not only are they stylish but I’m really loving that they’re super easy to slip on and off even though they have laces as well! Which is perfect for getting through that airport security as quickly and stress-free as possible!

2. Tapered Sweats

For long-haul flights, sweatpants are a must. But when I look for sweats, I always try to find some that are a bit more fitted with a tapered leg. They’re just as comfortable and something about being a little more fitted makes it look a little bit chicer and put together.

3. Always Travel in Layers

Layers are lifesavers! I always wear a t-shirt and a hoodie when I travel and if I’m going somewhere colder, I bring a heavier jacket or coat with me on my carry-on! It’s also great to have something a little heavier to cuddle up with to dual as a blanket on the plane!

4. Minimal Makeup

There’s nothing that will mess up your skin quite like wearing a full face of makeup on a flight. So if you’re up to it- go make up free or at least go minimal (no concealer and foundation as those will really clog up your pores in-flight). Another tip I have is to rock some faux frames (not pictured) to help hide my tired eyes.

5. Always Wear Socks

There’s nothing worse than traveling without socks on a plane. First of all, it’s gross, and second- your toes get so cold! I’m a firm believer in fuzzy socks on the plane, but I also usually wear no-show or invisible socks. That way you still have on socks but you don’t notice them under your sneakers!

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Do you guys have a go-to travel outfit that you swear by too? Let me know down below and have a great day!


Photography by Drew Scott

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5 Tips to Dress Like A Travel Pro

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