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Fashion 10 months ago

5 Steps to Dress Down a Button Up

Call it whatever you want: button up or a button down but it’s truly one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe! If you have one in your closet, you probably only wear it on certain occasions where you need to dress up a little bit. And while that’s an instant and easy way to look super chic, a button up is also the perfect top for a casual look! Keep scrolling to discover my 5 steps to dress down a button up!

Step One: The Jeans 

Just like a button down, jeans are super versatile. Depending on the wash and the shape- you can truly mold them to be anything you need! These jeans here are super comfortable and stretchy, and they’re the perfect balance between light wash and dark wash.

Step Two: The Accessories

A killer hat, like this one here, is a fun touch to add to any outfit. I love how it gives this outfit a preppy feel while still being approachable and casual. For my bag, I grabbed this one by The Row. I’m sure you’ve seen me wear it a thousand times at this point, but do you blame me?

[parallax] [/parallax]

Step Three: The Boots 

Shoes make or break an outfit. These boots, check them out here, are one of my favorite purchases in the last few months! Not only are they super affordable, but they’re super comfortable too (especially considering that I wore them on sightseeing day in London)!

Step Four: The Jewelry

The jewelry I’m loving at the moment are all statement pieces. These necklaces (check out a similar necklace here!) have been on repeat for me lately. I love how they look when layered and also on their own. These earrings (check out a similar pair here) add such a cool geometric touch!

Step Five: The Coat  

I’ve had this coat for a while (check out a similar option here) and I love how it looks with this outfit! It adds a bit of structure and perfectly ties everything together- and you guys know how much I’m loving oversized blazers for this season!

What’s your styling trick to dressing down a button up? Let me know in the comments below!How do you guys dress down a button up? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Morgane Lay

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5 Steps to Dress Down a Button Up

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