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Shanghai Travel Diary

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being in the business I’m in, is that sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly- and very last minute! If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you know that last week I was just in China! It was my first time in Shanghai and I had such an amazing time with Michael Kors. I was so excited to cross it off my travel bucket list, but even more excited to be traveling with Michael Kors for their The Walk event to celebrate their new global campaign! Though I wish I could have stayed longer, I got to experience some really amazing things in the short amount of time I was in town, so keep scrolling to see my Shanghai travel diary!

The Walk Fitting

Right after I hopped off the long flight to China, I headed straight to my fitting with the amazing Michael Kors team! Luckily, I had my Sofie smartwatch to keep me on schedule! It syncs with your phone to help keep your appointments organized and it has smart-help from Google, so you can ask questions about the weather and traffic no matter where you are!

Dinner at XiXi Bistro

The first dinner we had in Shanghai was at the Xixi bistro. It was in a super cute area of the city and the perfect place to have the welcome dinner! I was able to see a bunch of my international friends as well as make new ones along the way!

The food was very unique in a sense that it was fusion Chinese food, so it was a very unique first time experience! If you remember from my Instagram, I ended up wearing this gorgeous black shirt dress from Michael Kors. I did a mini-tutorial on different ways to style it on my Insta-stories, so be sure to check it out here! I wore it as a top and paired it with some leather trousers, studded booties and of coursemy Sofie smartwatch!

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A quick breakfast at the hotel (with the most amazing city view) before heading out for the day!

Facetiming with Chloe

Another great feature of the Sofie smartwatch is the text message alerts! I have a habit of setting down my phone and not looking at it for a while, so having a text alert from Allen on my Sofie smartwatch to tell me to FaceTime Chloe was so great! I miss her so much when I travel, so being able to have our little Facetime dates means the world to me.

Touring Shanghai

Whenever I travel, I love to explore the city with a local and see the city from their lens. My photographer Karla and I were so blessed to have the lovely Leaf Greener to show us around Shanghai! We got to see all the best spots and get some amazing insight on the gorgeous city. We started off the day at a traditional Chinese restaurant where we had close toIm not even kidding you… 30 courses! It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience. I’m glad I wore my ‘I’m-going-to-eat-a-lot-of-food-sweater-dress’ that day! This knitted dress (check it out here!) was super comfortable to wear out sightseeing!

We visited the absolutely amazing Jing’an Temple, which was probably the most breath-taking temple I’ve ever been to- it was built way back in 247AD! It was amazing to see such a historical temple in the midst of such a modern cityscape. We had a very exclusive experience at the temple as one of the girls on the trip knew one of the head monks! He took us to the very top of the building- which isn’t accessible to the public. It was covered in 24k gold and was so breathtaking I had to actually had to pause for a second to take it all in.



Getting Ready

After our tour of Shanghai, I went right back to the hotel to start getting ready for the big night! I ended up going with this show-stopping gold mini dress with bell sleeves- it just screamed party! I ended up rocking some gold eyeshadow and black accessories to add to the look. The oversized black belt ended up being a last minute addition to my look but I’m so glad I went with it! To be totally honest, I was still full from the 30 course meal earlier that day, so it acted as kind of a corset as well as a cool edgy finishing touch!

The Walk

The event was definitely a night to remember. I dont know what I expected but the event was so big and so epic! They really broke out all the stops for this one. There was a huge performance and I bumped into so many of my old friends! I danced until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore and had such an incredible time.

Like I said before, I really wish I could have stayed and explored Shanghai more, but I had such a great time! A huge shout out to my Michael Kors family for some unforgettable experiences and amazing memories. I’ll be back soon, China!

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But all good things come to an end as my handy Sofie smartwatch to remind me that I had to wake up for a flight back to LA in about 4 hours. So I called it a night and went back to the hotel for some much needed shut eye.

Like I said before, I really wish I could have stayed and explored Shanghai more, but I had such a great time! A huge shout out to my Michael Kors family for some unforgettable experiences and amazing memories. I’ll be back, China!


Photography by Karla Ticas