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Fashion 8 months ago

It's a Thing: Socks and Sandals

 What do you guys think of wearing your socks with your sandals? Once upon a time, pairing socks with sandals was the ultimate fashion faux pas. It was just not done. But again, what I love about fashion is that there aren’t really any rules! Inspired by other amazing street-style stars and the runway, I decided to give socks and sandals a shot and there was no better place to do it than in Tokyo! Keep scrolling to read why you should probably wear socks and sandals this year:

PS: Heyyyy Evangelie 😉 

1. A Casual Touch

I’ve worn socks and heels before, but I love the cool, almost athletic touch that the white socks give to my strappy black heels. While you could go monochrome- I love the contrast of the black and white with my all black outfit.

2. Your Toes Stay Warm!

Nothing like an extra layer of warmth for your toes! There’s a bunch of really cool designer socks on the market right now (check these out!) but a pair of just regular crew socks (like these) work just as well! Safe to say that socks are finally having a moment right now!


3. Next Level Styling

Thigh high socks, athletic socks, however you want to rock it- it’s a great way to add visual interest and a new layer to your outfit! Plus, as it gets colder- it’s a great excuse to keep rocking those sandals.

So what do you guys think? Would you ever rock socks and sandals? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Timmy Ngo

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It's a Thing: Socks and Sandals

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