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Fashion 11 months ago

Modern City Outerwear

Okay, with the crazy heatwave going on in LA right now, looking at these photos is like a breath of much needed cool air! During my travels earlier this year, I teamed up with Mackage to find the perfect coat for each of the cities I visited. Being a California girl at my very core means that I’m pretty spoiled when it comes to weather (the temperature drops down to 60 degrees and all of a sudden I’m “freezing.” I know, I know).  Thankfully, because I’ve consistently traveled to various cities with much cooler climates than sunny Los Angeles, I’ve found that a good coat is the difference between staying warm & looking chic or freezing my you-know-what off! Keep scrolling to see what coats I swear by to keep my warm and chic for each city!


Home sweet home! Like I said, I’m pretty spoiled with California weather, so I don’t need a giant fur coat when I’m home in LA. This Nori Jacket from Mackage is the perfect LA coat. It’s tailored, chic, and the leather belt is great for cinching my waistline. The collar is perfect to flip up for those times the wind picks up to keep my neck warm!


Paris in February… while gorgeous, is quite cold. That’s where this Kay coat comes in. The last thing I want is to wear a coat and feel like I’m a giant marshmallow, but the tailored and fitted silhouette of this coat kept me really warm.  I really loved the look of fur lined collar and the fact that this coat was super breathable. It also managed to keep me feeling really cozy and looking Parisian chic! For looking so sleek, you’d never guess that this coat has a comfort zone of -25 degrees!

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Ah, New York. This last fashion week in NYC was kind of icy, to say the least. I don’t have to deal with snow at home, so for an average New Yorker something like this would be just a day in the life! But this Cali girl was ALL about her Rena-X coat during the NYFW snow storm. This coat is fully lined with fur which kept me very comfortable and toasty. Plus, the parka silhouette has a drawstring waist feature to help cinch my waist in!  Whats not to love?

While I only have to tolerate the crazy cold temperatures of New York and Paris maybe once a year, I’m so happy that I now have my go-to Mackage coats to keep me warm (and looking oh-so-chic) no matter how much the temperature drops. Not to mention plenty of layers, some hand warmers and lots of hot coffee.

Whats your #1 concern when looking for a coat? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Drew Scott

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Modern City Outerwear

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