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Fashion 1 year ago

I Changed My Hair and My Style

Okay, I did change my hair, but I haven’t completely changed my style. Something about adding the lighter color to my usual brown locks (to see my holy grail hair care products, click here!) sparked some kind of creativity in me! I’m always inspired by the fashion of different decades, and this post is all about the ’70’s! Some of the styles of the decade are totally back en vogue, and I’m absolutely loving it. Between fashion icons such as Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Debbie Harry- inspiration is everywhere you look! The glamorous, bad ass, free-spirited and androgynous vibes of the ’70’s work perfectly in 2017. Keep scrolling to see how I gave myself a modern ’70’s makeover.

Blazer: Frame Denim | Trousers: Frame Denim | Heels: Tom Ford | Sunglasses: Dior | Hat: Isabel Marant

For me, a chic suit is a closet must-have and this one by Frame Denim is absolute perfection. The rusty orangey-pink color is so gorgeous and the fact that the suit is velvet is to die for! I paired the suit with this Isabel Marant hat (check it out here!) and it was the perfect finishing touch. What I loved most about this suit is how versatile and modern it is. The cropped hem on the trousers is super in right now, and the fitted blazer works just as well on its own as it does when it’s over something.

Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Coat: Cinq a Sept (Similar Here) | Pants: Alexis 

How epic is this outfit? I’ve always wanted to experiment with exaggerated flare trousers and these are total show stoppers. I balanced out the look with this amazing faux fur coat (which kind of totally matches my hair now that I see the photos lol!) and some large mirrored sunglasses. Something about this jacket made me feel like such a bad ass.

Sweater: PH5 (Similar Here) | Necklace: Tiffany & Co. | Sunglasses: Roberi & Fraud | Culottes: Katya Dobryakova | Socks: Balenciaga | Heels: Tom Ford 

This is a more modern nod to the fashion of the ’70’s. The metallic sheen of this turtleneck (similar hereis so cool and I love the way it catches the light. I’ve never really been a fan of socks with heels (though some girls can TOTALLY pull it off) but it just worked for this look. It’s kind of a take on the sock-boot trend that everyone is into right now!

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve recently been really into warm colors like the ones in these looks.  Even when I’m editing on  Instagram, I’ve been gravitating towards more browns and reds- giving my photos a more vintage look as opposed to the crisp white and blue toned style that was really in a while ago. 

So tell me, which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!


Photography by Karla Ticas

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I Changed My Hair and My Style

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