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Fashion 12 months ago

The New Way to Layer this Summer

You might not think the words ‘layering’ and ‘summer’ can possibly go together, but I’m here to prove you wrong. 😉 Of course, it’s not the same kind of layering as you would do in the Fall, but with the right kinds of silhouettes and fabrics, you can totally pull it off. I was experimenting with some of my pieces awhile back, and I fell in love with this new way of layering!  Scroll down to read my tips for looking chic and layering in the heat!

Top: Grana (Similar Here) | Pants: Grana (Similar Here) | Shoes: Aquazzura | Hat: Eugenia Kim

1. The Fabric

So usually, wearing an all-black look in the dead of summer is a total no-no because the color attracts and traps heat.  But, with the right kind of fabric, you can stay chic and also stay cool. Light silks are 100% the way to go! For this look, I paired a black slip dress (see it here) with silky palazzo pants (similar here). These silhouettes are breezy, so nothing is stuck to your body, plus it’s super comfy- like wearing an acceptable form of PJ’s all day!

2. Don’t Tuck

I’m all about the half-tuck, but something about leaving my top out and flowing gave me such a cool shape! It might seem like you’re going against everything you know about fashion, but give it a shot! You’ll love it I promise.

[parallax] [/parallax]

Top: Josie Natori | Pants: Zara (Similar Here)| Shoes: Aquazzura

3. Play with Shapes and Proportions

I love to experiment with cool shapes and proportions in my wardrobe and this top is no exception! To be completely honest, I totally thought it was a dress until the first time I put it on! I threw on some chic white trousers and some flats to bring the look together.

4. Stay Monochromatic

Keep your layering pieces the same color or within the same color family.  It helps keep everything consistent and visually appealing. Not to mention, keeping things in the same color palette really helps when you travel because it makes mixing and matching so much easier! And, is there anything more chic than an all-white look for summer?

What are your thoughts on summer layers? Let me know below!



Photography by Drew Scott

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The New Way to Layer this Summer

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