Fashion 7 years ago

How I'm Becoming My Best Self


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Nowadays, with everything I do, I’m consciously trying to evolve to become a better version of myself. In-between eating healthier, sleeping more, reading books and listening to my beloved podcasts, I’m always trying to learn and grow. But, being as busy as I am, making sure I can seamlessly integrate these changes into my lifestyle is extremely important. So here’s how I’m currently working toward becoming my best self:

1. Tracking Steps

After coming back from Europe, I realized just how little activity I get in a day. In Europe, I walked everywhere, whereas in LA I tend to drive everywhere because its so spread out. It’s so easy to miss out on your daily dose of exercise unless you intentionally go (and by go, I mean drive) to the gym to work out! Thanks to my new Fossil Q Smartwatch, I actually look forward to walking around DTLA and racking up as many steps as I can.  I love that the watch is super chic and matches all of my outfits. The design is sleek and classic so you would never guess that it’s actually a smartwatch! The app hooks up to your phone via Bluetooth, and beyond tracking my daily steps, it lets me know when I have a notification on my phone, lets me control my music, and then some!

2. Quit Sugar

You guys might remember me announcing that I was giving up refined sugar for a month a few weeks ago. It’s crazy to think how much sugar has controlled my life without me even realizing it! So far, it’s going well, but not without some challenges. Becoming more conscious about what I put into my body has really helped me feel better all around, not to mention I feel like I’ve bene able to focus more! I’ll go into more detail about my diet without refined sugar in a blog post coming soon!

3. Sleeping More

Sleeping is one of the most underrated and overlooked things ever, especially for young professionals. These past two years after having Chloe has definitely put it into perspective for me. So now, instead of going to sleep super late and waking up super early like I used to, I’m now consciously going to sleep earlier to give my body and mind the proper rest time it needs. Another perk of the Fossil Q Smartwatch is that it tracks your sleeping patterns which you can monitor on the app! We can all admit that we can afford to sleep a little better.

I love that this smartwatch meshes seamlessly in my life, and it’s such a treat to look at the app at the end of the day to see my progress! Like I said, I’m constantly trying to better myself in everything I do every single day, and this allows me to be my very best self.


Photography by Drew Scott