Fashion 6 years ago

How to Update Your Look Without Shopping

You’re either a t-shirt and jeans and belt type of person, or a t-shirt and jeans person… there’s not really an in-between. I’ve never really considered myself to be the latter, but recently things have changed. Suddenly, belts are everywhere I look but not in the traditional way.

Between a corset belt like this one over a plain white tee, or this wrap belt I’m wearing wrapped around my waist over a button down, or even a classic belt used to cinch in a large coat, belts are becoming more and more of the new ‘it’ accessory in the fashion world and Im loving all of the updated designs that are available these days.

So the next time you throw on a classic white button down (like this one here) and a pair of jeansgrab that belt in the back of your closet and wrap it around your waist (not your hips) to give your look a fresh little update.

Another way to switch up your standard look with something you already own is to use that lip liner at the bottom of your makeup bag as a stand-alone lip color! For a monochromatic look, take the same lip liner (I’m using this one here) and draw a few lines on the outer corner of your eyelids, then using your finger, blend them in!

So are you going to try this styling trick? Let me know down below, and if you want to see this look plus my other favorite spring trends in action, click the link here!


Photography by Drew Scott