Fashion 5 years ago

4 Ways to Wear a Ribbon

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be open to finding it! A while back, I treated myself to a little something from Chanel, and as I was breaking down the shopping bag to throw it out, I grabbed the ribbon that was used to tie up the bag. It was just too pretty to get rid of and suddenly, inspiration struck! I starting thinking of all the ways I could use the ribbon as an accessory to add onto my wardrobe. I saw so many girls wearing it as their street style during fashion week.  They simply used simple ribbons like this one and tied it onto their hair to their bags, and even as chokers! So, here are 4 chic ways to wear a ribbon:

1. The Hair Tie

A total classic! To do this, I used a regular hair tie to put my hair in a low pony-tail, then I looped the ribbon through the hair tie, wrapped it a few times and then tied it into a bow or a knot. The looping step is the most important, as this helps the ribbon stay in place and not slip off your hair. I love the preppy element it adds to any look.

2. The Choker

Wearing a choker is such an easy way to finish off a look. It’s the cherry on top! I messed around with the ribbon a few times before I decided that having the ribbon tie at the back of my neck was my favorite. I really love the way this look finished off a classic white button down.

3. Laces

This might be one of my favorites! Sneakers are everywhere right now, so I loved being able to give my current favorite pair of white kicks a little personal touch! To get the ribbon to look like this, I took the regular laces out of the top two holes on either side and tucked them down the tongue. Then, I laced the ribbon through the top two holes and tied it like in a bow! Disclaimer: this is totally not functional at all- just pretty! Lol!

4. Bag Handle

Last but not least, I tied my ribbon on one of my lady-like top handle bags (like this one here). A lot of women use scarves to achieve this look, but I love the way it looked with my ribbon! It adds a bit of texture and a little bit of whimsy to such a classic accessory.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below which of these is your favorite!


Photography by Drew Scott