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Fashion 2 years ago

My Off Duty Look

During fashion week, I’m always getting really dressed up for shows and parties so when I end up having any downtime, I like to dress super casual. On this particular day, I happened to have a free afternoon, so I threw on my hoodie with this amazing VEDA leather jacket layered over it. I’ve been really obsessed with all of the hoodie trend + jacket looks Ive been seeing… not only is it a really cool look right now, but it’s also the epitome of warmth + style. Ill make sure to link some of my favorite hoodies Im loving right now throughout the post for you guys!

I threw on these cool two toned 3×1 denim jeans and a pair of statement boots to complete my look for the day. The team and I ended up walking around the city and ended up eating pizza that day… and it was simply the best afternoon ever (why is New York pizza the freaking best?)! I’ve also been pairing hoop earrings with everything lately! They go with any outfit and instantly makes everything look more modern and cool… I happened to find these ones Im wearing from Intermix!

Also, I’m not going to lie… This whole hoodie and jean situation kind of reminds me of my 90s high school days…but I’m kind of loving it. It’s relaxed, it’s cool, it’s effortless, but most of all its comfortable! A total win! Have you been into the hoodie + jacket look? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Drew Scott

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