Fashion 6 years ago

1 Outfit for 4 Occasions

Facetime With Chriselle

Who knew I would end up loving a matte brown lip? I always thought it was too “Kylie Jenner” for me, but I found a shade that had a little bit more burgundy in it so in some light- it looks almost like I’m wearing a dark red! I kept the rest of my makeup pretty simple and finished off the look with a filled in eyebrow and a sweep of highlighter!


Have you ever had one of those mornings where you’re taking those extra 10 minutes lying in bed and picking out your outfit for that day in your head?  The outfit looks great in your head, of course, but when you finally put it hate everything about it? And why is it that when that happens you’re already running late? Well, if this happens to you in the near future, I’ve got a foolproof look that you’ll love!  Just remember that you can never go wrong with mirrored sunglasses, a fuzzy white sweatera wrap skirt and a bucket bag. For me, this outfit formula is as classic as jeans and a t-shirt or a little black dress!

It’s one of those looks that work for anything you might need to do that day. It’s casual enough for the office, refined enough for a meeting, cool enough for a grabbing coffee, and dressy enough for a nice dinner! You really can’t go wrong. Plus, if you remember this post here, wrap skirts also look killer with over the knee boots!

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Photography by Drew Scott