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Fashion 2 years ago

When You Have Nothing to Wear

One of the ways I make mornings easier is to plan out my outfit the night before. It makes getting dressed so much faster and gives me even more time to hang out (and snapchat!) with Chloe. But sometimes, life gets in the way and suddenly I’m faced with the age old problem in the morning: I have nothing to wear.

I’ll stare at my closet and before I resolve to just go to work naked, I reach for my uniform. A pair of killer jeans like these from Nobody Denim and a statement piece like this suede off the shoulder top from Designers Remix is the perfect outfit to wear when you have nothing to wear. And you guys know how much I love a good statement top! It’s just an elevated version of a t-shirt and jeans! Finishing it off with these lace-up heels from Schultz and my Louis Vuitton bag via Vintage Heirloom and I’ve got a simple outfit that packs a big punch.

PS: Check out ‘My Uniform’ picks down below! Happy Shopping!


Photography by Drew Scott

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When You Have Nothing to Wear

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