Fashion 8 years ago

Downtown Days

I’m constantly on a tight schedule. From shoots to meetings and everything in between, I’m on the go pretty much always. Though I love to completely check out on the weekends, it’s super important for me to keep track of time during the week. My phone is great, but I’m not going to lie, I’m always losing it! I’m sure you guys have noticed I’ve been wearing a lot less jewelry and just focusing on big statement pieces such as this Cuore Ferragamo watch. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like time is working against me so I wanted to give you guys a little peak into my typical crazy morning:

9AM : Getting Ready

With Chloe around, as you guys can imagine, mornings at my house are always hectic, so I usually don’t have time to put on my makeup or do my hair at home. Either I’m doing it in the car or I get to the office and put on my makeup look for the day right away.

10AM : Breakfast Meetings

I have a lot of meetings throughout the day so I love finding new spots in Downtown LA for breakfast/brunch meetings! A typical breakfast for me? A yogurt parfait and a cup of coffee!

12PM : Errands

Having fresh flowers in the office is always a must for me, so I always make it a point to pick some up when I’m running errands! I also make a point to get up and walk around the city when I can because everyone needs a breath of fresh air on a hectic day!

A watch is one of those pieces that speaks for itself. This Cuore Ferragamo watch has the perfect touch of gold to bring a special air of elegance to any outfit I wear. There’s something to be said about a man or woman who can rock a simple watch … to me she means business, she’s timeless, she’s classic. She doesn’t keep up with the latest trends, she’s confident, but most of all she’s independent and a woman of her own. When I slip on my Cuore Ferragamo watch I’m reminded that though sometimes my life gets crazy, but time is what I make of it.


Photography by Karen Rosalie