Fashion Week 8 years ago

Elie Saab Couture 2016


I’ve been following couture week and couture shows since I can remember. The one show that I’ve always associated with couture is Elie Saab. Their shows are probably some the most pinned items on my mood board for the past seven years. And seven years later, being invited to attend their show, and being dressed by the brand was a total validation that I’m on the right track. Before my fitting, I imagined that I would wear something very feminine, lacy and romantic. But when I saw the pieces at the showroom and the new direction that they’re going in, I instantly gravitated toward this cool two piece track suit. It was equally sporty as it was sophisticated. I have to say it was probably my favorite and the most photographed outfit of the entire week.

Because I’ve been following Elie Saab shows for what seems like forever now, I went into the show thinking I already knew what to expect. But to my surprise it was different than what I had expected in the best way possible! The dramatic collection had a refreshingly modern twist to it. I loved how they styled the elegant gowns with unexpected accessories such as military boots, diamond encrusted hats and even fanny packs! It shows that even couture doesn’t have to be all that serious. It can be fun, young & vibrant! The inspiration behind the collection was India and their muse’s trip to the exotic land. I was left entirely inspired and impressed by the collection. I can’t thank Elie Saab enough for the incredible experience!

Happy Friday everyone!


Photography by Karen Rosalie