Fashion Week 6 years ago

Sporty Chic at NYFW

So, I swear my grandpa has worn a cardigan like this. I think that’s why I love the brand Lacoste so much, it’s one of those brands that has so much heritage. You can find anyone from my gramps to my dad to me rocking their pieces, that’s how versatile their line is.

I love the chic-sporty look that they have because it’s definitely made for the cool-downtown girl. And I guess red is officially my favorite color? When thinking of an outfit for fashion week, there’s a lot of elements you have to be aware of. 1. Do you feel confident in it? 2. Will it grab enough attention from the street-style photographers? From all of my past experiences, I think that the key to nailing a good look is to truly feel comfortable in it and to love it. So when I go to fittings, the moment I put on an outfit and I feel that way, that’s how I know it’s a good look. There have been moments when I didn’t feel it and it definitely showed. But when you do believe in it, you exude that energy and confidence, and it’s worth more than everything put together!

I really like this outfit because its a sporty take on my feminine style. I love the idea of a pencil skirt paired with a loose over-sized chunky cardigan. Of course, instead of pairing the usual heels, I went for a more unexpected look and wore Longchamp flats. So I guess I’m feeling pretty Sporty Chic this NYFW. Thinking of everything I’ve worn for Fashion Week thus far, I’m pretty sure 5/7 days I’ve worn flats for my outfits. They’re chic AND comfortable! What’s not to love?

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photography by Karen Rosalie