Fashion 9 years ago

Boxy White Top, Striped Skirt, & Boater Hat

Photography by Karen Rosalie

I’ve always been an accessories girl, but more than ever I’ve been taking advantage of my oversized sunnies and hats. Although I hate to blame it on Chloe, but you really lose your freedom to sleep when having a baby. I was the type of gal that needed my 8 hours of sleep to look fully rested, or else you could totally see it on my skin & under eyes. Also finding the time to get ready in the morning at my vanity is nearly impossible (If you follow me on snapchat you know that i’m alway in a hurry doing my makeup & hair in the car!). Needless to say I love my accessories more than ever!

I’m sure you have noticed, but I’ve been majorly donning this boater hat (almost daily)! It adds a bit of whimsy to a basic outfit, and a bit of 1920’s flair. Random fact- did you know that men in the 1920’s used to wear these Skimmer Straw Hats when boating? Hence the name “boater”. I’ve always been fascinated with the different decades, and how good style always ends up repeating itself.  Anyways it doesn’t get preppier than pairing it with a nautical striped skirt and a pair of gingham heels.  And a new silhouette that i’m trying out? This boxy top. I love how this particular top adds a bit of structure and masculinity to a more feminine outfit. It’s all about juxtaposing, playing with different silhouettes, and adopting styles from different decades.

Happy Monday everyone!


Top: Theory

Skirt: Joie

Hat: Eugenia Kim

Bag: Balanciega

Shoes: DVF

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