Makeup Tips 7 years ago

Decade Looks

Get 3 last minute decade inspired makeup looks for Halloween!

1960 MOD 
The mod era was very experimental in fashion and makeup. Inspired by twiggy and the mod movement, this makeup is one of the funner ones!
Step 1: Drawing your eyebrows, then apply an eyeshadow base (or foundation/concealer) on your eyelid. Paint white eyeshadow on your eyelid and blend the color. Then take your black eyeliner pencil, and draw your crease to mimic the shape of an arch.
Step 1: Shape your eyes with a winged eyeliner.
Step 2: Put falsies on to intensify your eyes.
Step 3. Use your white eyeliner pencil/eyeshadow to draw your underline.
Step 4. Draw another line below your white underline. Now apply bottom falsies where you just lined it with your black liner.
Step 5. Apply a powder on top of the foundation to set the makeup, then use a matte dark brown powder to contour your face to create the 3d illusion followed with a blush application.
Step 6. Lastly, choose the nude lip color to finish up this mod look!


I absolutely love the 20’s. It must have been so much fun to live such amazingly glamorous and dramatic lives. (Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Gatsby.) This is probably my favorite look because I just love the dramatic smokey makeup.

Step 1: Do your brows, then blend a brown eyeshadow on your lids. I’m using a more violet brown to bring out the brown in my eyes!
Step 2: Choose a darker brown and blend that to the corners of your eye. Don’t be afraid to use a darker color on the edge as you want an intense color and dramatic effect on the eyes. For this look it’s all about the smokiness of the shadow.
Step 3: Don’t forget to a winged eyeliner and falsies!
Step 4: Line your underline with an eyeliner pencil. Don’t be afraid to smoke and intensify your eyes.
Step 5: Once you are done with your eye makeup, apply your skin care routine, followed with your foundation.
Step 6: Apply a powder on top of the foundation to set the makeup, and contour your face with a matte dark brown powder to create a 3d illusion followed with your blush application.
Step 7: Lastly, finish up the look with a dark lip color!

1950 PIN-UP

This look is so easy and fun, I had such a great time with it. I love the strong image that it embodies, and the makeup is definitely closer to something I’d wear every day if you guys want to do a lighter makeup look this halloween. (Should I do my hair like this every day?)

Step 1: Draw your brows, then blend a light brown shadow onto your eyelids.
Step 2: Blend a darker brown on the edge of your eyelid. Keep in mind that the shadow needs to be soft and simple!
Step 3: The key to this look is a strong winged eyeliner. Then apply thick falsies.
Step 4: Now apply your skin care routine followed with your foundation.
Step 5: Apply a powder on top of the foundation to set the makeup, and contour your face with a matte dark brown powder to create a 3d illusion followed with your blush application. Don’t forget that the contour needs to be light but visible!
Step 6: Finish up the look with the bright red lip color. You can add a lip gloss on top of the lip color to make your lip look more full.
( Bonus Step 7: Mole optional! )

A special BIG thanks to my friend Chelsea for helping me to achieve these makeup looks! She is seriously a genius at doing makeup. Look out for her in my future posts because we’re going to work together to bring you something very exciting soon 😉 Dressing up for halloween is always so stressful but when you shift the focus to having amazing makeup and using clothes from your closet, halloween can be a breeze. Hoping everyone has a safe halloween, and don’t forget to add these looks to your Pintrest for your convenience. Watch my video here to learn more about the different fashion pieces for each decade!

Photography by Karen Rosalie

Hair & Makeup by Chelsea Yusaf

Styling by Chriselle Lim