Fashion 8 years ago

10 Ways to Update Your Look For Fall

Today marks the first day of my favorite season, Fall! In preparation for this wonderful season, I’ve written up ten tips I always do around this time of year so you guys can be be fall-ready!

1. Darken your lip color (Estee Lauder)

With fall comes a series of new lip colors, and this season I would highly encourage you guys to try a darker color. A dark plum or red will add drama and mystery to your look.

2. Add socks to your shoes (similar)

I don’t know if I’ve fully accepted this trend yet but I love how the peep of the sock shows under your trousers for the fall. If you’re not ready to completely dive into this trend yet, try wearing simple colors and patterns for a chic and sophisticated look.

3. Change up your perfume (YSL and J’adore)

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to put away the floral scents and switch to something heavier. For fall I love scents that are muskier and deeper.

4. Darken your browsย 

Sporting a darker brow adds more drama for the fall. You’ll look more mature and this can change up the shape of your eyes as well.

5. Deeper color for nails (Estee Lauder nail lacquer)

It’s time to set your pinks and lighter hues of nail colors aside for a darker and more intriguing shade of red. I personally love this new plum shade that I’ve been wearing recently.

6. Add texture to your wardrobe (tweed, faux fur)

Simply adding texture can add more dimension to your outfit. Pack up that cotton tee and pick up a knitted sweater, this season is all about subtleties and textures!

7. Felt Hat (Zadig and Voltaire)

I love wearing felt hats because they’re such a simple and sleek way to add a bit of edge to your look.

8. Belt your scarf (Similar)

A great trick I like doing for fall is tucking in my scarf to my belt. This trick works great with a patterned scarf, or even a pashmina scarf with a simple black belt. The vertical shape also works great in slimming your waist.

9. Layer it up ย (Elliatt Knit)

Just because summer is gone, it doesn’t mean we have to put our skirts and maxi dresses away. Layer it with a simple textured sweater and neutral accessories for a cool fall look.

10. New hair color or cutย 

People often associate getting a new cut and color for the start of a new year, but I like to change it up every season. You have to revamp your closet every season, why not your hair?(Especially if your hair is what frames your face!) I’m excited for a new cut this season, my short hair is growing so long now!

And there you have it, ten tips to update your look this season. I hope you guys found these tips helpful, and please leave me any traditions you guys always do when it’s fall!