All In A Week’s Happening + Happy November!

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All In A Week’s Happening

1-2 Honored & flattered to be the only person featured in my favorite Design Magazine Wallpaper’s annual City Guide! (Thank you Jimmy)

3. Bridal shower at the Langham for my dear friend Caroline + founder of Serendipity Magazine

4-6  Dinner At Tiffany’s on the Wilshire Terrace celebrating Tifanny & Co.’s 1 year anniversary of their gorgeous leather goods.

5. With the lovely ladies – Liz of Late Afternoon, Jules of Sincerely Jules, & Aimee of Song Of Style.

6. Random pairing- Neon BCBG blouse + Marc Jacobs metallic panter print shorts.

7. Sweet Lady Jane…Mmmmmhmmmm Enough said.

8. A lovely invitation from the Victoria’s Secret team ..will be flying out to NY next week to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

When you love what you do you get lost in the hours and you lose track of time, and before you know it it’s already a new year!  It’s a little mind boggling to me that 2011 is coming to an end.. with that said HAPPY NOVEMBER!!



Roses On Her Bum

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A couple months ago I had the chance to style up a lingerie editorial for Serendipity Magazine. As your Wedding gown should be extravagant…what you wear on the special night of should be as important! I styled up 5 looks for 5 different type of girls…From “The Pinup, The Vixen, The Babydoll, The Showgirl, & The Belly dancer” 

My favorite look has to be “The Pin up” look. You cant tell  from the first image but the back of “The Pin Up” look was just Oh So Cheeky! I created a cute little bow out of random tulle fabric and these ahhh-dorable cheeky roses on her bum! You can get your Serendipity copy at your local borders, CVS, or Barnes & Nobles!

Styling- Chriselle Lim// Photography- Karla Ticas // Makeup- Leibi Carias// Hair- Sienree Du



Private Peepshow

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A Private Peepshow for you for our 2nd editorial that we styled for Serendipity magazine. Here are some behind the scenes pictures. Dita Von Teese inspired- I wanted to mix feminine lingerie with dark and almost goth like accessories. This editorial was so much fun because I was able to go buy lots and lots of random fabric from the fabric stores and make a bunch of different accessories out of tulle, laces, and sheer fabrics.

and How freakin adorable are those undies? Thank you to Kiki De Montparnesse for sending us these delicate amazing pieces from NewYork! These babies are alot harder to get on and off then you would imagine…Burlesque girls definately not an easy access! ha!

Keep posted for our editorial that will be coming out in November out on stands!



It’s a Wrap!

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so yes, i have my life back now! After being in production for 1 full month for Audrey’s Night Out, I can say Its A WRAP! Countless nights of unlimited emails, phone calls, and sleepless nights..i think I lost a total of 10 lbs while I was in production. BUT no worries..i gained it all back within the past 2 days of  sleeping and indulging in rich & delicious food. I even spent 5 hours at the spa yesterday, got a facial, massage, bodyscrub, and mani/pedi.

Needless to say this past month has been an amazing month working with Audrey Magazine and crossing paths with some amazing new people.

I know I havnt been blogging much, but I have tons and tons of updates from this past month. This week will be about catching yall up, i swear!  I’ll be blogging about all the latest editorials from Serendipity, Jimon Magazine, Penelope & Coco Shoot, Teen Vogue, Fashion week, and of course behind the scenes of Audreys Night Out!!

for now heres my latest a & greatest fave editorial…



Mama, im getting married…in BLACK!

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Been doing some research on our next cover editorial for Serendipity Magazine, which is the first bridal magazine targeting the asian bride, and I came across this editorial and was completely inspired. I come from the fashion editorial background which is one of the reasons why Serendipity Magazine wanted to collaborate with me. They wanted take more of an editorial approach for their wedding editorials, which is quite rare in the wedding magazine world. Weddings do not inspire me because everything is just so PERFECT. perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect picture, perfect couple. perfect white dress. I do not like creating Perfect pictures but perfecting the imperfect. I rather be called interesting than pretty.

In a perfect world my wedding gown would be a  black, sheer, and lace extravganza.

(but mama would kill me)

Grocery Shopping can be Serendipitous…Sometimes

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To be quite honest grocery shopping is probably my least favorite and least priortized things to do on my list (Thank God for my sister and bf who has an avid passion for cooking..), but today i found myself quite excited and pleased to be at Ralphs in downtown Los Angeles. Why? well I overheard a girl next to me talking to her girlfriend , “Inspirations of an Asian Bride? What makes an Asian bride different than anyone else?” Immediately I took glance at what magazne they were referring to and of course it was the one and only Serendipity Magazine. and YES Serendipity Magazine is the first asian bridal magazine targeted to the asian bride. Although I didnt anwser the girls question of “What makes an Asian bride different than anyone else?” Well I think the most obvious anwser to that is TRADITION.

Anyways I was so happy to see the cover editorial of the spring/summer issue of Serendipity magazine that I styled and produced with my amazing team.

We will be working with Serendipity next month again to shoot for their Fall/Winter issue. So I guess Grocery Shopping Can be Serendipitous….sometimes.

Photography by Karla Ticas

Make Up by Leibi Carias

Hair by Sienree Du

Styling by Chriselle Lim





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