Spring is just around the corner..u know what that means?? a new fashion season and a new wardrobe! What I love about fashion is that it NEVER stays the same, it is constantly changing and constantly evolving! This past weekend Michelle Phan and I had a photoshoot and we got to play a little dress up to showcase the 2 MAJOR trends that will be apparently taking place this Spring 2011!!

COLOR BLOCKING- yes! Not only is color back but the richest of rich colors were seen all over the runway. From Gucci (shown above) to Miu Miu to Proenza Schouler! Michelle loves her BLACK and I love my NUDES, so we decided to have some fun with this new trend and add some bright bold color to one of our looks!

NEUTRAL NUDES & CRISP WHITES- Thank God that neutrals and whites are still in this season. I cannot get enough of these dreamy looks from the Chloe runway. Invest into a flowy full skirt and sleek white/creme  blazers for this spring! Above Michelle is wearing the daintiest little white dress and Im wearing a sleek fitted blazer with high waisted trousers (which is also a must for this season!!)

How can two completely contrasting looks be on the same map at the same time during the same season? Fashion is like a box of never know what your gonna get ;)



P.S  Photos of our shoot will be coming out soon! We cant wait to share all the fun we had together!!


PS its Proenza Schouler‘s Spring Summer 2011 collection. Probably by far one of my favorite collections for this new season. A lot of designers were going for the “no color ” and “all white” look, which I absolutely love, but it was a breathe of fresh air to see some neons in the mix. and as you guys know Im not a fan of color..especially neons. Proenza Schouler might change my mind in inveting into some neons for next years Spring/summer… via TommyTon Xx Chriselle