Rockin’ the Rococo




Downtown Black Out

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Rooftop Dreamin’

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In Ode to the 4th….

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Snippets Of My Life & Home

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Here are some random snippets of my life captured all in my humble little abode. I’ve always had an affair with all things glittery …from my chandelier to my blinding Jimmy Choos. A bouquet of fresh bloomed Hydrangeas in every corner of the house is a necessity.  Im surely enjoying this organized chaos look….whether it be all my favorite books stacked together or all my fave shoes lined up against my leopard couch!

so ….. Welcome to my humble little abode! Make yourself feel at home :)



On The Day Of….

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On The Day Of a Shoot.

Before dashing out the door at the break of dawn to arrive on set on time with a latte in one hand and a rack of clothes in the other…a very favorite way to wear my hair these days is under this black leather rimmed hat. ONE.. my hair is growing at a crazy fast pace that is quite untamable at the moment and TWO to protect my skin from basking in the summer sun for  9 hours.

Leather pencil skirts, Cashmere belted coats, sleek wool pantsuits, and powdery suede boots has been the name of the game for the past couple of Fall/Winter shoots we have been styling. Can we say these pieces are utterly perfect for the transition from the hazy summer evenings to crisp autumn mornings?

As much as I love the long days of summer I prefer Fall/winter fashion over spring/summer. It gives me room to be more creative with layers! How about you? Do you guys prefer Summer fashion or Fall fashion?



The Ultimate SKINNY BITCH Diet

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i lost about 5 lbs in one week by being on this diet.

Today I ate my YSL’s for breakfast, for lunch I had my Louboutins, and for diner I will have my Camilla Scovgaard.

So some of you guys know I have a huge editorial this Friday for a Prestige Magazine based out in Dubai. I’ve been overdosing and bombarded with the amount of shoes that Louboutin, jimmy Choo, and my ultimate favorite Camilla Scovgaard has been sending me.

Sounds like a dream job right? I have been getting numerous amounts of request for me to talk about “How I Got into Styling” Im thinking of I should blog about it for you guys or Vidoe blog about it! hmmmm (Im actually quite camera shy)

Let me know your thoughts




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