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STYLING WORK- Jellypop Fall 2012

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Excited to share with you guys a campaign that I styled a while back for Jellypop Shoes for their new FALL/WINTER 2012 collection!

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by not only creative but uber talented people! And when we get the chance to put our brains together we create, what we like to call, fashion magic!!  Always a fun day when I get to work with my close friends/ team – Karla Ticas, David Gallardo, Leibi Carias, & of course Laura Arias!



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So this is what I LOVE about my job…seeing the FINAL product of our creation. About a month back I had the chance to consult & style up an amazing new jewelry line called Beso Beso. Im sure you guys were aweing over their jewels from my last blog post (click here for behind the scenes post!). As a stylist i’ve seen tons of jewelry lines but by far BesoBeso has to be one of my tippity top favorites! WHY? because 1. they are soooo wearable 2. their rockcandy is edible (silence….) hahah im jk! But it looks so good u want to eat them!  3. They have the best LAYERING pieces. 4. The designer is simply just fahhhhh-bulous darlin’

speaking of THE designer…here is the woman behind these rocks..her name is Jacqueline Brown and she is KILLIN’ the game.

Not only did Jacqueline hire me to style her lookbook/ campaign but also she hired me to style HER! When I met jacqueline I immediately knew by her bubbly & quirky personality that she needed a look that was functional (she’s a working woman..duh!), young & fun, sexy but stylish. So I dressed her in this Leopard print croptop (the back is quite amazing with a bunch of cutouts), highwaisted vintage levi’s cut off shorts, Combat boots with thigh highs, and of course a floppy hat to keep her beautiful face out of the sun!

And of course as always im covered up in a hat and sunglasses to protect myself from the sun as well. I swore when I was a kid I wouldnt be one of those crazy asian women who would slather on SPF every  hour and cover herself silly with a sun protector , glasses, and gloves..but darn i think im getting close to it (just missing the gloves….thanks mom for the inspiration)

If you want to find out more info on Beso Beso you can either visit their Website here, or like them on Facebook here, or follow them on Twitter here, (did I miss any other sites? damn social networking..theres too many of u, i cant keep track!)

Photographer- Karla Ticas // Make up & Hair- Leibi Carias // Stylist: Chriselle Lim // Videographer- David Gallardo

Fashion video campaign coming near you!

Til’ next time darlins’ *BesoBeso *kisskiss




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One of my MAIN source of fashion inspiration comes from different eras & decades. One of my favorite decades was the 1950s, where Audrey Hepburn and her uber feminine circle skirts and ballet flats came into place. But I have got to admit all the sultry and sex appeal started in the 1960s, where the hemlines were becoming shorter and kitten heels replaced ballet flats…overall the curves of a woman were embraced!

We recently shot this Fashion Film which our wardrobe inspiration came from the 1960s…the MadMen Era!

so here it is….. LOOK DONT TOUCH!

LOOK DON’T TOUCH from David Gallardo on Vimeo.

Stylist:Chriselle Lim

Director: David Gallardo

Photographer: Karla Ticas

Hair: Sienree Du

Makeup: Flora



The Bad Girls Club

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Yesterday we had to leave our classy, sassy, and feminine style behind and explore our inner bad girl style….so we did! Here are some behind the Scene images.

So a bad girl rocks her leather jacket til death do her part. She layers on her jewelry like theres no tomorrow….there’s no such thing as overaccessorizing in her vocabulary. Stripper like thigh highs socks are a must with short shorts. She aint on the prowl without her leopard prints, fringe, black lace, and cut outs. She wouldNEVER leave the house without her worn out & undone combat boots. She doesn’t care what others think cuss she knows she’s a bad ass chick.

Welcome to the Bad Girls Club.



P.S These are the behind the scenes pictures..will be showing you guys the final images that the amazing photographer Karla Ticas took!

Glitter Into Gold

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Penelope and Coco: The Oxfords from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

How ahhhhh-mazing are these little oxfords?

Recently i blogged about Tap Your Cocos and Make A Wish and YES…FINALLY …..now the much anticipated Penelope & Coco Spring Collection is here! We had the honor of styling this lookbook and are soooo thrilled to see Penelope & Coco grow every season with each collection. The women behind this line are to be adored because they are just sooo damn talented its mind boggling (not to mention…damn sexy too!!)  Follow them on twitter at Penelope & Coco .

Director: David Gallardo

Styling: Chriselle INC.

Photography: Karla Ticas

Hair & Makeup: Leibi Carias

We always keep it within the fam..im so proud to say I have THE best team….we can make Glitter into Gold yall.



Tap Your Cocos & Make A Wish

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like Dorthy needed her Ruby Reds…Chriselle needs her Penelope & Cocos for this season! I have this absurd obsession  with tranny sky high heels but after Penelope & Coco came out with their line..all I want to wear are flat combat boots and dainty oxfard heels. For me to transition from my trannys to  these flattys means that they these flats are ummmmmmm  THEBOMB.com  enuff said.

I had the honor of styling their very first video campaign for their Classic boot collection as well as their upcoming Spring/summer collection which is a swarm of amazingly dainty little oxford heels.

Now tell me after watching this video you dont want to wear P&C flats all day every day!

Penelope and Coco: Classic Boot Collection from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

Video directed by: David Gallardo

Styling: Chriselle INC.

Hair & Makeup: Leibi Carias

Photography: Karla Ticas

Heres a little behind the scenes teaser for you. Cant reveal all the Goodies quite yet until the official Spring/Summer campaign hits!

For now Tap your Cocos & Make A Wish…..



A N O 2 0 1 0

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So here it is the much anticipated official video for AUDREYS NIGHT OUT 2010 for Audrey Magazine. Twas a Night To Remember and an event that got people talking for days! Eyecandy, Alcohol, models, fashion, Music, alcohol , models, celebrities…did I mention models & alcohol already? Watch this video and you will understand why you wont want to miss next years event!

Event Produced by us Chriselle INC.
Event styling by us Chriselle INC.
Videography/Director- David Gallardo
Photography- Karla Ticas
Art Director/Make up- Leibi Carias
Art Director/Hair- Sienree
Models- Wunder Model Management

Big Thanks to our team that made this event possible: Christina Ghadanian, Patricia Flores, Lauren Fong,Tala Bahktar, Analiese, katherine Munoz, Janice Jann, Leley Chian, Anson Ho (arowana films), Daniel Gradilla, Darrin Nim, Danny Buonsanto, Robert Mchugh, Jessica Herrera, Maria Laxamana, jasmin Mejia, Alika, Eugene Choi, Mike E, Tiana, Christian, Therese, Stephanie A, Flora Wade, KC Witkamp, Cynthia Ventura, Jessica Yu, Carol J, Danny Villa, Jack Jones, Jaime Villa, Saulo Soloranzo, Andrew Yeater, and of course all of our amazing dressers andvolunteers!

“A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind”


Sleepless September

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We have been in production for the past month for Audrey Magazine‘s Audreys Night Out 2010. Chriselle INC being a one stop shop for fashion production, we put together everything from the initial budgeting, model casting, staging, lighting, sound, make up & hair, creative conception, marketing outreach and of course the STYLING.

From the sleepless nights in the  office  with my assistants to the late night Taco Mexico runs to fuel our fire, to the backstage madness, to some Fashion crisis (of course..what would we do without them?), and of course to poppin champagne backstage ..it’s been quite a September!

I hate to brag and all but I have THE best team known to mankind- they outwork me and out-hustle me by far…DAMN!

Special thanks to THE team: Chriselle INC. girls: Christina Ghadanian, Patricia Flores, Kathy munoz, Analiese, and Tala. Glam Squad: Sienree Du & Leibi Carias. Photography & Videography fam: Karla Ticas & David Gallardo

Keep posted for more updates on Audreys Night Out and 1,0000 other things I must blog about my Sleepless September.



Preview of The Make Me Over event

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I still cannot believe that the Make Me Over weekend has come to an end and I must say it was a beautiful ending. Initially the Make Me Over team was supose to make over 3 ever so deserving winning ladies from head to toe but it seems as if we as a team were too completely transformed and touchd by the process of the Make Over.


On July 16th the 3 winners Alexandra Becker, Sara Waren, and Smanatha Llanos arrived fabulously to the city of Angels…Los Angeles! They checked into the O hotel, the first indepdent boutique hotel in downtown Los Angeles, then they were picked up to start their Makeover day 1 adventure in Beverly Hills. The ladies arrived at the amazing Angus M Salon in Beverly hills and got pampered by the most talented hair stylist that I know..Sienree (Ree). Ree dedicated her whole day with the girls giving each girl a unique color, cut, and style to compliment their new look .

Here is Ree with the winning ladies at the Angus M salon after a long long day…this is just the beginning of their makeover adventures!


The winners arrived bright and early in the morning to a little suprise to the TONE IT UP girls. These gals are the fitness gurus and know how to TONE you up while having tons of fun. We started off the day with a mini bootcamp with their new gifts of Under Armour clothing and Asics sneakers! I am a firm believer in looking beautiful is feeling beautiful and healthy, so who better to go to than the TONE IT UP girls with their fun recipes and fitness programs!

Then the girls individually all recieved a facial to relax them and to give them  that extra glow! After the girls were glowing from miles away they finally had the chane to meet Michelle Phan. Michelle presented each of them a Lancome Pink Box that was filled with hundreds of dollars worth of Lancome goodies! The girls rotated from getting their make up done by Michelle Phan, their hair styled by Ree , and get styled by me!

We all had such an amazing time getting to know each girl…they all individually had their own right to be so deserving of this make over. Each one of them already had a heart of gold and was beautiful in their own way but simply needed a booster upper to help them to shine and walk with confidence. 

I cannot tell you how amazing these girls looked after their Make over, but the best part was seeing their own reaction to their new look. It’s not always about how amazing your hair or make up is done or how fabulously styled your outfit is but sometimes it takes that extreme to make you realize that you really are that beautiful.  We witnessed with these 3 girls that beauty on the outside transforms your inner confidence…all of a sudden they started walking taller, smiling with confidence, laughing a little louder an even speaking with an opinion! That’s why our motto for the Make Me Over contest is “Beauty from the outside in, shining from inside out”

Here are a couple of shots taken by the amazing Don Le with Thirteen Minutes Magazine  

This is just a preview and we cannot wait to show you the images of the FINAL look of these girls….they are absolutely stunning! So stick around to see how Alexandra, Samantha, and Sara trnsform into beauty queens…and we also have our MAKE ME OVER VIDEO coming out very soon…it’s gonna be sickkkkkkk! enough said!

This weekend wouldnt have been possible without our Glam Squad. Michelle Phan working her magical Lancome brushes and blushes on these girls, Ree for putting her love and sweat into these fabulous locks of theirs.. she spent the most hours on these girls so THANK YOU! Karla Ticas for co producing this event with me and capturing every beautiful moment from this weekend. David Gallardo, a ridiculously talented videographer, for also capturing every tear and laughter from this weekend with my partna Budo Dave who has been my cheerleader and motivator for the past 3 years! Christine Bae and Patty C. for being such great friends and handling the PR. The best damn assistants Chrstina Ghadanian and Patricia Flores from Chriselle INC who has had one too many sleepless nights to make our vision come to life! And of course this event woulnt have been possibe without our gracious sponsors…. Tone It Up for motivating our girls to be healthy is beautiful and for providing UnderArmor and Asics! Veggie Grill for a delicus veggie lunch!! Lancome for providng mke up and the beautiful pink boxes, Forever 21 for providing unlimited amont of wardrobe, KirstenKuehn Designs for one of a kind vintage head pieces, Yu-be for providing the best skin care for dry skin, Slip n Toss for biodegradable disposable flip flops, BB Couture for the hottest nail colors, Jazzy Cakes for the AMAZINGLY tasty and cute cupcakes, The Studio LA for providing us their beautiful space (one of the most beautiful studios in Los angeles), O hotel for providing our girls with 5 star treatment during their stay, Paul Mitchell and  Angus  M Salon for providing us with the best hair care products as well as an amazing full day at the salon!

Stay tuned to see Alexandra, Sara, and Samanthas final looks!!!




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