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How to Pack for Multiple Cities in 1 Suitcase

When I travel to several different cities in one trip, figuring out what to pack can be very challenging. I have to take everything from the weather to the vibe and mood of the cities into account when picking out looks and pieces for each. This last trip I took, I was in London, Cannes, and Rome and each of the cities couldn’t be more different.

In London, I wore sleek and cool looks with a bit of ladylike edge. (See my London Looks herehere and here!) In Cannes, I knew I was going to be by the beach but I wanted to kick up the glamor and put it into high gear, so I wore a lot of skirts and dresses. (See my Cannes looks here!)

So when it came time for Rome, I was extra excited. I had been in Rome for only 24 hours last year for the Fendi runway show, and all I could remember were the gorgeous colorful walls. There were rusty pinks, yellows, and oranges so I knew I wanted to wear as much color as I possibly could to match the city.

On the first day in Rome, I wore a gorgeous yellow two-piece set (similar here). It was effortless, gorgeous and chic. Plus, I had my very first Italian pasta experience in that look! I’ll never forget it. On my last day, I’m not going to lie, I was running out of outfits because I had been living out of a suitcase for two weeks at that point! I decided to go with something that I would wear in LA: jeans, a chic blouse, and booties.

I was pretty dressed up the entire trip so I was so happy to be casual for a change. Looking back, I don’t recommend wearing heels on cobblestone streets! Lol!

So… if you’re going to pack for multiple cities, keep in mind the weather and vibes, but don’t forget a casual and chic t-shirt and jeans (you can thank me for this tip later)!

I’m so excited to be going back to Rome for another special project in the next few days, but even more excited to be bringing Allen with me. Stay tuned!



  • beautiful look nice design thanks for sharing

  • attires a pretty good . And all colours are really good…
    DNR Casablanca

  • Such a cool Outfits. Really helpful .
    Sobha Pristine

  • myzonedeal says:

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  • Fatima says:

    Great post thanks for the tips so helpful! Love the outfits you put together in this post super cute

  • Olivia says:


  • Sophie says:

    The yellow dress is stunning, the silhouette and pattern are really beautiful!

  • Vasoula says:

    Sorry to say this, but I found zero useful information in this post. Tips such as “check the weather beforehand” and “pack for the occasion” are common sense to me. It’s just a post of beautiful photos of your outfits. So a title along the lines of “what I wore in my trip” would have been more appropriate.

  • KARLA says:

    Those are great tips Chriselle.
    I’m travelling for a month in Europe too, for work and family. I’m going to a wedding too, but I have noooo idea. How to pack a Glamorous dress in a suitcase.
    Do you have any recommendations on this? ✨

  • kilo says:

    I was expecting more hacks & tricks 😛

  • Karen Farber says:

    Oh this is great! I usually like to make a theme for the city/trip but keep all my outfits in a similar color palette so they’re easy to mix-and-match 🙂 Lovely outfits! Have fun in Rome!

  • Thanks for the awesome tips and tricks!

    I hope you have a brilliant Monday!

  • Steal4Style says:

    Your white top is absolutely gorgeous!! It’s perfect for spring!

  • Brooke Alexa says:

    The yellow look is iconic. Gotta love cobblestone streets haha!


  • Ashley says:

    That dress is gorgeous! Great post 🙂

    XOXO, Ashley

  • Definitely needed this post as I have a multi country tour in October and November. Also, totally thought the yellow dress were culottes at first! LOVE the dress xx

  • Natali says:

    OMG!! That top and skirt are so unique and looking incredible on you!!

  • chichi says:

    great tips, love both the looks!

  • If only I had your wardrobe <3 Every single piece is stunning!

    XOXO //
    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  • Elizabeth says:

    Rome looks so beautiful! <3 🙂 And I definitely agree – it's hard enough to pack for one city and one trip, since weather conditions can change on a daily basis, not to mention packing for three cities in one trip! Loved this beautiful yellow dress so much!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Vivian says:

    Great advice Chriselle, I love that you chose yellow to match the buildings and architecture of Rome!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • Mel says:

    Loving the yellow dress you wore in Rome, you look absolutely stunning!

  • Savannah says:

    It is always tricky to pack for multiple cities! x

  • Kay Nguyen says:

    That yellow dress is pretty and summery! Great style as always <3

  • Magda says:

    I am sooo terrible at packing! And packing for multiple cities in one suitcase sounds like a superpower, thanks for this post, hopefully I will learn something! 🙂

  • Keri says:

    Wow, a true jet setter! You’re definitely a pro packer by now 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

    Enclothed Cognition

  • Carey says:

    Cute looks! My favorite is your Rome one!

    xo, Carey

  • Beautiful looks
    i love this blog

    The Pink Pineapple
    New post:

  • Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Packing and traveling light has always been my style … a chic tshirt and bleu jeans are my must haves and go to pieces too! Love the ❤️ tips! 🙂

    🌸LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

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