Fashion Week 9 years ago

Keep Up With Me: My Fashion Week Agenda


What I really should be doing right now is packing for NY instead of blogging..but I am soooooo excited that NY fashion week officially started today and I am already seeing obvious and beautiful trends gracing the runway. As much as I am excited to attend Fashion week this year..I also want to make sure you guys are updated with all the current trends as well. This season is for Fall/Winter these are trends you will see the mass wearing by next year Fall/winter 2011 …so basically you will be 6 months ahead of the trend then everyone else!

So I really wanted to be a great girlfriend and come back by the 14th (monday) to celebrate Valentines Day with the bf…but there was simply no way for me to cram everything in within 3 days. So we ended up extending my flight and my stay until Thursday of next week! (btw I have the most amazing & supportive bf..truly a blessing!)

MY FASHION WEEK AGENDA (thus far): On our arrival we will be getting fitted by Vivienne Tam and her team, Vivienne Tam show, Dinner with Lancome, Meeting with Jedroot, Lancome event (I will be modeling in this event!), Jason Wu for Barneys event, Tommy Hilfiger show, Victoria Beckham show, Chris Benz show, and Christian Cota show.

I wil be live tweeting from all the shows, events, and adventures so please Keep Up With Me by following me @Chriselletweets …i will also be updating my Facebook…so please add us on Facebook as well! If you have any Fashion trend questions or something you would specifically like to see from the runway..please write me on Facebook or here on my blog and I will do my best to answer your question ASAP! I really should start packing..but now im wondering if its a bad idea if i decide to go with an empty suitcase and do all my shopping there and come back to LA with a very full & happy suitcase. hmmmmmm…