The Last Single Moment

This week whirled by more quickly than expected..cant believe It’s our 2nd to last night here in paradise! I must confess I was starting to get used to this laidback Hawaii lifestyle….but soon enough there will be a change of pace and back to the LA hustle .

After a week long of breezy one pieces i’m now finally ready to transition back into layers upon layers, cashmere scarves , and soft cardigans.

Here are some images of me at our so called home in Hawaii for the past 7 days (the Kahala Resort). For now I will be soaking up every last single moment, here in paradise, before its gone….

(top- Zara, Skirt- No.A, shoes- Jimmy Choo, Clutch- Jimmy Choo, Belt- Zara)



Kick Up Your Feet

(Top- Zara, Jacket- Zara, Shorts- Vintage Levis, Loafers- Steve Madden, Necklace- Bannana Republic, Watch- Michael Kors, Sunglasses- thrifted)

The weather was way too beautiful to pass up so we decided to take advantage of the LA sun (before April showers start!) …Talk about knocking 3 birds with one stone. 1. Attempt to tan my pasty white legs 2. Catch up on some magazines (aka get some work done)  3. Get inspired (and so we did!)

Here are some of my Spring MUST HAVES: 1. A Bright bold colored top (currently loving this deep royal blue) 2. Tweed jacket (dress it down like i did here or you can dress it up for work ) 3. Statement necklace 4. loafers (no joke, ive been wearing these leopard print ones everyday since I got them!) 5. & of course the infamous CIRCLE glasses.

Currently in the works of editing videos for my youtube channel and prepping for 5 campaign shoots I am styling up. And the pressure is on…but sometimes you just gotta Kick Up Your Feet & let God do the rest!