I have been positively living in my bold haute red pants all fall/winter long but I have completely fallen for  these pretty pastel pants. What could be lovelier on an early spring  day than the prettiest pastel-coloured pants alongside with your little buddy. Love, Chriselle (via

Heaven On Earth

Angelic, Serene, & Romantic….this must be Heaven On Earth. These pieces are just heavenly! Only if I could dress in all white, sheers, and lace all day everyday.. Love, Chriselle

A Chloe Moment

It was definitely a Chloe moment. Chloe is like the roots to my tree…When all other designers try to create something innovative and a quick fix to mark them on the map for that season, Chloe always stick to their roots and never wander too far off from where they came from. They are a […]


TO: MY FASHION ICON ANNA DELLO RUSSO . I Dare to dream and one one day I will be just like you and not only wear a WATERMELON on my head but a whole FRUIT BASKET!! Take that! Xx Chriselle

Living life on the edge..of LA

Its been one crazy month of May, and needess to say I am beyond blessed with all the new opportunities, new clients, and new experiences I have been able to experience this past month! I havnt been able to update my blog as much as I want to but I have tons and tons of […]