Rare Gems

posted by on 2011.11.02, under Outfit Of The Day

<Jacket- Zara, Blouse- H&M, Trousers- Zara, Shoes- Penelope & Coco, Clutch- Zara,  All Jewelry- Vintage>


The other day I was  searching for some vintage buttons to jazz up a plain old blazer but got sidetracked by this gorgeous vintage bracelet + earring set. Usually when I find vintage pieces I end up getting them tailored or fixed but the quality, the setting, and even the fine details on this pair was perfect! Rare Gems are hard to find!

Its been another crazy week running around town from meetings to fittings to luncheons, and to look chic & comfy has never been so easy in my Penelope & Cocos. Never sacrifice beauty for comfort especially when you can have both!

Hope you’re having a lovely week thus far!

Photography by- Christine Chang



All Eyes On THE Shoes

posted by on 2011.10.26, under Outfit Of The Day

Sometimes Its best to keep it simple on top and have all eyes on the shoes. As you guys know i’m on my feet all day so i’m always on the look out for a pair of amazing flats! And It’s been a while since I’ve been real excited about a pair of flats until I laid my eyes on these Penelope & Cocos. How AHHHH-MAZING are these Penelope & Coco cut out studded flats?

Today i’m prepping for another shoot for GENLUX magazine, then dashing over to Michael Kors for a private viewing of their new collection, then jetting over to Palm Springs late tonight to get ready for our early morning AM shoot! Its another one of those whirlwind weeks where I wish I had atleast 5 people to fill in my shoes. Whether its finding someone to fill in my shoes or having all eyes on my shoes… as you can see my life revolves around shoes…

Hope you all have a lovely day!

{Top- Zara, Scarf- ASOS, Shorts- H&M, Bracelets- Vintage, Shoes- Penelope & Coco, Purse- Jimmy Choo}

Photography by- Christine Chang


Random Snippets

posted by on 2011.10.14, under Lovely Obsessions

The Glitter Guide came over  the other week to capture some  Random Snippets of my life-

1. My passed down Hermes -love pieces that have had a history // 2. Im an avid sunglass collector. I’ve had lots of luck when it comes to finding designer vintage goods. My favorite find so far are these vintage Diors’ circa 1960s. // 3. Mixing & matching pieces from Givenchy, Free People, Michael Kors, Beso Beso, and another vintage find (on my right). // 4. Stacks of books to keep me inspired & a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas to freshen up the house. // 5. I love jewelry but I also love things that organizes my pieces! //6. The new Gucci Black Strappys..Welcome home babes. // 7. My favorite part of the morning- adorning myself.

What are some of your most coveted obsessions?

<<Images via GlitterGuide/ Photos taken by  Jessie Webster>>



A Coral Sunset

posted by on 2011.05.31, under Chriselle Inc.

…and it’s back to reality. Really enjoyed this long weekend with gold and coral sunrises & sunsets. Spent the weekend lost in love and gazing in the possibilities of the night sky, awakened by floral linen mornings, and most of all spent lounging around in my city loft.

I’ve been absurdly in love with spring’s vibrant hues of corals & peach. From my lip shade, to this ahhhh-mazingly flirtacious dress by Matthew Williamson for Macy’s, to my thick chunky heels.

Wind tousled hair, a light linen summer dress, coral lips, and golden sunsets…  i’m caught up in the romance of it all. Love is in the air!

I’m sure this week will slip away a little more quickly than any other (it’s already tuesday!) …tons of lovely projects that are in the mix of things! Have  a lovely week darlins’

(Dress- Matthew Williamson for Macy’s, Shoes- ASOS, Jewelry- Vintage)



Pieces Of Me

posted by on 2011.04.18, under Chriselle Inc.

Spent most of the weekend working on some DIY projects with Michelle Phan for our upcoming spring fashion tutorial AND re organizing and decorating my space….It’s quite therapeutic i must say!

Some Pieces Of Me

1. The first image above is of my little sister and I back in the 90′s …that was our first kitty named “Patty”..sadly after realizing I had a huge allergic reaction to cats we gave her away.

2. some La Perla sassiness miss Karla Ticas gifted me on my Bday. Every gal needs a bit of La Perla in their life!

3. Surround & indulge yourself into things that inspire you. Currently reading upon some of my inspirations of Audrey Hepburn, MK &Ash, Victoria Beckham, and of course Domino ( an interior decor book)

4. Love at first sight. Died over these rings while I was thrifting. Bought these rings at an incredible price and they are one of a kind pieces. Theres something so victorious when finding ahhh-mazing pieces at an incredible price.

Happy Monday!



Color My World Vintage

posted by on 2011.01.24, under Chriselle Inc., Editorials

My love for vintage pieces are undeniable….whether we are talking about jewelery, art, or furniture. What I love about vintage pieces is that they have this “rusty” look that has been built up for decades..and yes of course time is money and money is time..and that is why real vintage pieces are so darn expensive!

So here I will show you how to instantly age your jewelry. Some people might say it looks “dirty” or “rusty” but that is EXACTLY what we are trying to do…to take away that bling and quickly “age” your jewelry to give it more personality and character.

Lately I’ve also been OBSESSING over re doing my entire place with pieces that will bring more character and life into my living space. Again even vintage furniture can be quite expensive so what better way than using spray paint to re work your furniture?

I dont know about you but I have to look and feel inspired in my work & living space or else i get absolutely nothing done! So please lets get inspired and Color My World Vintage. If your a lover of vintage pieces..I  Would love to see some of your re worked jewelry and furniture pieces.. Share with us your work of art here  on our Facebook page and lets inspire one another! HAPPY MONDAY!



Mix Master

posted by on 2011.01.06, under Lovely Obsessions

I’m not quite sure if its the ADD in me but i get bored of my jewelry pieces so fast (except for my vintage/antique pieces)! Do I have any fellow fashionistas who feel me on this? So I challenge you this….Before throwing out/ donating your old uninspiring jewelry pieces get creative and get re inspired! Grab a hold of all your random pieces and hook it into one big RANDOM piece!

Mix up your brass and coppers, antiqued chains, charms, glass beads and make it into one. There is something so perfect about imperfection. There is so much character and personality when the piece is a little off and when it doesn’t perfectly match! Heres a big tip from me to you… DO NOT try to match your purse, with your necklace with your shoes with your belt and with your purse! Become the master of mixing and matching and you will ALWAYS look effortlessly chic! You can call me the Mix Master!




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