Rare Gems

<Jacket- Zara, Blouse- H&M, Trousers- Zara, Shoes- Penelope & Coco, Clutch- Zara,  All Jewelry- Vintage> ____________________________________________________ The other day I was  searching for some vintage buttons to jazz up a plain old blazer but got sidetracked by this gorgeous vintage bracelet + earring set. Usually when I find vintage pieces I end up getting them […]

All Eyes On THE Shoes

Sometimes Its best to keep it simple on top and have all eyes on the shoes. As you guys know i’m on my feet all day so i’m always on the look out for a pair of amazing flats! And It’s been a while since I’ve been real excited about a pair of flats until […]

Random Snippets

The Glitter Guide came over  the other week to capture some  Random Snippets of my life- 1. My passed down Hermes -love pieces that have had a history // 2. Im an avid sunglass collector. I’ve had lots of luck when it comes to finding designer vintage goods. My favorite find so far are these […]

A Coral Sunset

…and it’s back to reality. Really enjoyed this long weekend with gold and coral sunrises & sunsets. Spent the weekend lost in love and gazing in the possibilities of the night sky, awakened by floral linen mornings, and most of all spent lounging around in my city loft. I’ve been absurdly in love with spring’s […]

Pieces Of Me

Spent most of the weekend working on some DIY projects with Michelle Phan for our upcoming spring fashion tutorial AND re organizing and decorating my space….It’s quite therapeutic i must say! Some Pieces Of Me 1. The first image above is of my little sister and I back in the 90′s …that was our first […]