A Beautiful Blur

The past 2 weeks has been adventurously spent in Korea & (mostly) Taiwan- this explains the lack of (inconsistent) blog updates ( I will be back on schedule starting today!!).  I’m not sure where to begin but I can say that these past weeks in asia has been a beautiful blur- filled with impossibly the most beautiful things in life! From the breathtaking scenic views from our hotel, my daily dose of noodles & boba, hiking up historic landmarks, dimsum with Eva Chen from Teen Vogue (after 3 years of tweeting eachother!), indulging in my aunt’s {amazing/designer filled} closet, Countdown with a priceless & exclusive view of the Taipei 101 (at my aunt & uncles place), meeting new friends & rekindling old ones……there were one too many adventurous, magical & beautiful moments experienced these past 2 weeks! As for now it’s back to reality! Daily outfit posts & weekly youtube tutorials are back in action!! HAPPY 2012!



It’s a Wrap!

so yes, i have my life back now! After being in production for 1 full month for Audrey’s Night Out, I can say Its A WRAP! Countless nights of unlimited emails, phone calls, and sleepless nights..i think I lost a total of 10 lbs while I was in production. BUT no worries..i gained it all back within the past 2 days of  sleeping and indulging in rich & delicious food. I even spent 5 hours at the spa yesterday, got a facial, massage, bodyscrub, and mani/pedi. Needless to say this past month has been an amazing month working with Audrey Magazine and crossing paths with some amazing new people. I know I havnt been blogging much, but I have tons and tons of updates from this past month. This week will be about catching yall up, i swear!  I’ll be blogging about all the latest editorials from Serendipity, Jimon Magazine, Penelope & Coco Shoot, Teen Vogue, Fashion week, and of course behind the scenes of Audreys Night Out!! for now heres my latest a & greatest fave editorial… Xx Chriselle